Young Mom Gets Only Two Years Probation After Leaving 8-Month Old Baby In Freezer

Feb 13th, 2020

Being a young mom is not an excuse for child neglect. Some people think that young moms usually do not have a sense of responsibility when it comes to their children. But others feel that they were brave enough to have a baby so they should learn to accept the responsibility that comes with it.

Brittany Smith was seen by someone as she was putting her 8-month-old baby into an unused freezer in a strangers’ yard. She faced felony charges for what she did and has been sentenced to two years probation. She pled guilty so instead of being charged for aggravated child abuse, it was reduced.

The baby survived the incident but according to the investigators, the poor child could have run out of oxygen and might not have made it if he was left inside the closed freezer for a long time.

On January 2nd, a home resident named Deborah Presnell and her family saw Smith carrying her baby through the family’s backyard. Presnell’s son and her grandson then went to investigate. They could not find Smith anywhere but they found the baby in the old fridge. It had about one inch of standing water inside.

During an interview with WCYB News, Presnell’s son, Joshua Blair said, “It wasn’t moving, wasn’t nothing. I reached in and pulled it out. It started moving. Instant relief.”

According to the authorities, they suspected that Smith was under the influence at that time. Presnell also told the Johnson City Press that she asked Smith what she was planning to do. She said, “I asked her, ‘You want to leave the baby here?’ and she said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘You’re gonna be back now, aren’t you?’ She said, ‘Yes.’”

Smith did return but it was after 12 hours since she left the baby. “My son stated that the baby wasn’t going nowhere. Either the grandma’s gotta be here or the cops are going to be here. One or the other.”

According to Presnell, she did not call the authorities at first. this was because of the 24-hour good samaritan law that is being followed in every state. but she said that she was sure that smith was intoxicated. she added, “I knew whatever she was on, when she came off she’d come back for the baby. What’s the sense in calling 911. We just got a baby, we don’t have her.”

They eventually called the police so when Smith came back for her baby, the 19-year-old mother was arrested right away. The child was put in protective custody until he’s ready to be released the care of his grandmother.

Major Shawn Judy who is the deputy with the Washington county explained, “If they wouldn’t have seen her put the child in there, the baby would have run out of oxygen.” He also confirmed that the baby was safe until the authorities arrived at the scene. the deputy added, “They were very vigilant, kept an eye on everything, put clothes on the baby, fed the baby and everything until we arrived.”

According to reports, Smith was charged with neglect and burglary. and when she first appeared in court, her bond was increased to $100,000 because General Sessions Judge Don Arnold bound her case over the grand jury.