Young Man Sues His Parents For Giving Birth To Him

Jul 11th, 2019

We can’t thank our parents enough for bringing us to this world. And for them, we are a blessing to their lives. But this is not how Raphael Samuel thinks. This 27-year-old man is from Mumbai and for him; being born is enough reason to sue his own mom and dad.

Samuel is an anti-natalist and because of his controversial statement, it’s been causing a lot of talk on his Facebook page, “Nihilanand.” He regularly posts videos and memes defending himself and his idea that each of us is born without ‘consent’ and that our parents chose to let us live in this messed-up world. And for him, that is not fair.

A lot of people who read his posts think that he’s just joking around and just wanting to get social media attention. Others think that Samuel is insensitive. But there are also others who like him. Whether people are in favor of what he says or they are not, one thing’s for sure – he is getting enough attention to cause a raucous online.

He may look a bit silly with his fake black beard and sunglasses for his disguise, but he continues speaking like a regular man. He never stops convincing people how parents are selfish for giving birth to their children without asking them for it. He also explains why they do not deserve to be respected.

Memes are his way to get his message across. He posted one picture where he poses beside quotes. One of his memes says, “A good parent puts the child above its wants and needs, but the child itself is a want of the parent. #ParentsAreHypocrites.”

But according to him in an interview with DailyMail, he has a great relationship with his parents. He just doesn’t disrespect them in any way but it doesn’t mean that he is obliged to respect them too just because they gave birth to him. Samuel also shared a video he called, “Why Am I Suing My Parent. ”, he explains that his mom was okay with his ideas.

But his dad is still trying to get over it. He said his father is warming up to the idea.

Even though he encourages others not to respect their parents, he has a good set of parents who are supporting him no matter what.

His Facebook page continues to grow and his snide comments never stop. Now that he is getting more and more support from other people, he is now closer to suing his parents. There are people who support him with his ideas, letting him know that he has a point with his claims. Someone even said, “Your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog. You owe them nothing. You are their entertainment.”

One of the extreme claims that he had was comparing having children to kidnapping just because of the lack of consent. He also compares this to slavery because parents get to order their kids around.

Many are aware that most of his ideas are considered clickbait and just a strategy to increase internet popularity, and he is winning. He is getting what he wants. He seems serious about his ideas no matter how ridiculous they are.

All Raphael Samuel wants is for the world to know that there will always be a choice. He is hoping that the world would understand his ideas of why there are no reasons to have children.