If You Worry About Your Health, You’ll Want To Hear Experts New Warning On CFL Bulbs

Sep 13th, 2018

You might want to make a few changes to your utility bill soon.

Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs) were originally introduced to people as environmentally friendly options that could also help save tons of money. When they hit the market and began rolling out people were quick to throw out all their regular bulbs and replace them with CFLs. However, scientists have also discovered that there are a wide array of other effects that these bulbs could have actually had on our overall health.

According to these scientists, CFLs are capable of emitting carcinogenic chemicals that can cause a wide array of negative effects on or overall health.

A lot of people have come across this news, and they have also confessed to being immediately concerned as regards their health and that of their family members. The news is especially terrifying when you begin to consider how many people use these CFLs and the potential damage that this could cause to millions of lives.

It definitely doesn’t help when you realize that most of the countries where these CFLs are made are countries where there are no environmental laws enforced. Essentially, this means that these manufacturers could produce these dangerous bulbs without having much in the way of supervision. The production processes employed might very well not be up to standard.

Peter Braun, a scientist who carried out the tests at the Alab Laboratory in Berlin, said, “When you consider substances that are so carcinogenic in nature, it is very important that you keep them as far away as possible from environments where human beings reside”

While these bulbs are used in rooms without ventilation or used too close to a person’s head, there are various dangers that are being toyed with. Another study has been released, and this one claims that it is possible for these bulbs to result in an increased rate of breast cancer emergence.

According to Abraham Haim, a professor of Biology at the Haifa University in Israel, it is possible for there to be a link between exposure to light at the night time and the risk of breast cancer. However, there seems to be an even higher risk when energy saving light bulbs are being used.

While it is true that a lot of more research needs to be done into these bulbs and their ability to cause harm to our overall health, people are advised to be especially careful around them.

However, there are also few people who believe that we don’t need to go back to using the normal bulbs.

Many experts have asserted that even though CFLs contain some amounts of Mercury, the amounts are very small, so there shouldn’t really be any cause for concern.

During another study- which was carried out at Stone Brook University in New York- researchers showed the effects that these bulbs could actually have on skin cells. Subjects were exposed to these light bulbs, and the results of the study showed that after being exposed to these bulbs, there was a change in the skin cells of the subjects.

This brought a conclusion that working for a year while being exposed to these light bulbs would be commensurate to spending about 20 minutes in the sun.

It would appear that UV rays aren’t as dangerous as we first imagined.