This Woman’s Legs Just Keep Growing And Doctors Can’t Stop It

Feb 22nd, 2021

Our differences make us extra special.

There are times that people have to live with a health condition. This is what a woman from Brazil is suffering from right now. She is from Sao Paolo and was diagnosed with a condition that was bound to change her life since she was 2 years old.

When she was younger, things were not that bad. But 26 years later after her diagnosis was revealed, things are getting out of hand. Karina Rodini had to live with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis. And this has literally consumed her life.

The tumors on her hips and down her legs have been continuously growing through the years. All that this woman is asking for is help from others even though there is no assurance that her leg would go back to close to normal because the tumors keep on growing, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

Her health condition has greatly affected her life. The moment she hit puberty, the tumor started growing. Now, these tumors weight around 88. 8 pounds. This means that her life is clearly limited.

There are activities that she cannot do. She cannot go to work and has been an outsider for the most part of her life. When she goes outside, people instantly see notice the tumors. Still, she tried to live a life as normal as possible.

She struggles to find clothes that would fit her. These tumors are leaving her uncomfortable every single day. During an interview, Rodini said, “My fear is that the disease never stops growing, and it will reach a point when I wouldn’t know what to do. My left side. It is completely affected.

” She is also complaining that because of her tumors, she is starting to have problems with her vision. In fact, her left eye cannot see anything. She is also suffering from scoliosis because of the weight of these tumors that are taking a toll on her back and her entire body. In fact, her tumors caused her spine to curve.

No matter how much she tried to get the help that she needed, the doctors are unable to control the growth of her tumors. Because she really wants to find a cure to her problem, she has undergone seven different surgeries and procedures. The doctors did try to remove as much as they can from her tumors, but they just keep on growing.

Every time they remove a part, it just grows back and it doubles in size. And because of the flesh that contains her blood, she can only have a kilo of the tumor removed at a time.

If the doctors will take more than that, it can be fatal. She can lose so much blood and it’s not a good reaction. She might risk losing her life. Just last year, Rodini had to undergo surgery in a public hospital. Since the operation, her leg doubled in size. This simply shows how quickly the tumors can grow back.

This is why she left home to seek medical help in India, hoping that this is where she can find answers to her rare condition. She is hoping that she can find better doctors here who have more knowledge about her condition and would be able to help her get through it.