Woman’s Headache Turns Out To Be Creature Living Inside Her Brain

Aug 5th, 2022

Having a headache will always be one of the pains that we want to avoid, but still, we seldom give importance to its cause as long as we can cure it with a pain reliever. But what happened to a Texas mom is probably something that is out of her worst nightmare.

Yadira Rostro is a 31-year-old mom from Garland, Texas who started to suffer from terrible headaches two years after her trip to Mexico. But unlike most headaches, this was leaving her helpless and it was starting to affect her eyesight. However, like many moms, she tried to live with the pain for nine months, until the pain was too much for her to ignore.

During her interview with Daily Mail, she explained, “Sometimes my sight was impaired… I could not see properly.”

She went to see a doctor and they thought that she might have a brain tumor. She was requested to have CT scans and the tests revealed an abnormality. This is when her doctors ordered MRI scans. After all the tests were done, her doctors found that she was suffering from a very serious condition – Neurocysticercosis.

Rostro had tapeworms and they are living inside of her, burrowing into her brain!

The doctors found sacs of tapeworm larvae and these are from eight different tapeworm eggs that were growing inside her. According to her physician, Dr. Richard Meyrat, they found the worm eggs in the 4th ventricle behind her brain stem.

Most of the time, these parasites will pass through a human body, but what happened to Rostro was a rare case. The parasites invaded her bloodstream and somehow managed to make its way to her brain.

Once the eggs started to develop, it causes fluid to accumulate in Rostros’ brain. This caused her headaches. According to her doctors, they believe that Rostro was infected with the tapeworms after she ate food that was contaminated with fecal matter while she was on her vacation in Mexico.

Rostro had to undergo surgery to remove it. The doctor explained that Rostro was sedated face down while they did the incision at the base of her skull and removed a part of it. They split the cerebellum and this is when the sacs at the base of her brain stem became visible.

Thankfully, Rostro’s doctors were able to successfully remove the parasites. Dr. Meyrat described it saying they looked like eggs and they have a clear sac while inside it is a small tapeworm.

Rostro is on her way to full recovery. Her headaches are gone too. Her doctor said, “It shocked me; it was certainly out of the ordinary, something I had not seen in a very long time, but I’m glad we got to her in time and could save her life.

” He added, “The patient is doing very well and should not have any long-term effects from this. ” Rostro’s doctor believes that she is just happy to be alive.

This is the reason why doctors always advise their patients that upon the onset of symptoms, never take it for granted. Pain is how our body tells us that something is wrong. When it comes to a point that it leaves us helpless, something is terribly wrong. A visit to the doctor might just be our only chance to survive.