Woman Wakes Up From Coma, 20 Days After Giving Birth, Only To Find She’s Blind And Had 3 Amputations

Aug 10th, 2018

What if your worst nightmare came true? That’s a tough question. But Carol decker woke up from a coma to discover something worse than the worst of her nightmare could have ever been.

Twenty days after she was delivered of Safiya her second daughter she woke up from a medically induced coma to realize that she has not only gone blind, but her entire left hand and the middle finger of her right hand as well as her two feet had been amputated. Very few things in this world can be worse than that.

Within a few days all that Carol knew of her life had been shattered. She had been happily married and perfectly healthy on her way to delivering her second daughter when strategy struck seven and half months into the pregnancy.

An emergency C-section delivered the baby but that was just the beginning of what suddenly spiralled into a long and hard battle with Sepsis an abnormal body reaction to infection which causes vital organ damage. When everything else including inducing coma and dialysis failed, doctors had no choice than to amputate some of her organs to save major internal organs.

10 years after the incidence, Carol has not only survived but the way and manner she and her husband has been able to handle the impossible situation is inspiring.

Today, the 42-year-old is on her way to publishing her own book titled “Unshattered: Overcoming Strategy and Building A Beautiful Life” scheduled to be released on June 5th 2018. As someone who has been dealt such a terrible blow and came out on top like she did, she is more than qualified to share her touching story to bring hope to other.

Carol case was a really complicated one for doctors to handle, even after carrying out the amputation; she came up with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation which means over 30% of her body required skin grafts. The odds were simply against her in every direction but with a supportive family by her side she was able to pull through the challenges.

Her husband Scott was a major pillar for her throughout the trying period. He kept on saying to her: “We’re going to get through this — you’re going to be able to do everything you did before. ” And she has.

Even though things weren’t the same again after she had lost her sight and her limbs, she now walks with prosthetic legs and tries to do as much as she can as a mother and wife even though that is sometime very difficult she is really doing a great job at it.

Her first daughter Chloe, now 11 years old has this to say:

“We appreciate our mom because she has overcome so many challenges, but has done so much for us, she always tries to do everything she can to have fun with us, like jumping on the trampoline.”

Even safiya the beautiful little girl she gave birth to during her life changing ordeal who is now nine is grateful for having her mum around: “My mom cares for so many people and always has time for me and my sister to do things like go skiing.”

Scott believes having the support of friends and family was key to Carol’s miraculous recovery. She needed all the help she could get to adjust after the unfortunate incidence. But now she can do a lot of things around the house by herself and with two daughters who were now grown enough to do some things on her own, things were getting better.

However, things are not 100% perfect and Carol still has some pains despite doing so well. She misses doing things for the family like baking. Not being able to see her daughters grow is another of her heartaches. She doesn’t know what Safiya looks like since she never got to see her and all she has of Chloe is the memory of when she was still two.

Carol is a survivor. With the help of her husband and other close family members, she was able to rebuild her life from the scratch and now spends a time motivating others to overcome all of their personal struggles.

She belives life is a gift. “if you don’t open it, you’ll never experience the beauty inside,” she said. “Probably more than anything else, I realize that now.”