Woman Told To Abandoned Area Due To Wildfire Spots Set Of Teeth, Refuses To Leave Until He’s Safe

Sep 14th, 2018

The power of social media strikes again!

Southern California was engulfed in some pretty nasty wildfires. The fires were recorded to have been incredibly devastating, and many accounts reported that they moved very quickly. At the end of the day, it got to the stage were both human beings and animals needed to run away from their residences and businesses as fast as they possibly could.

Unfortunately though, there was one horse in Slymar, California that was unable to escape the fire when it was charging for his home.

The horse, which was 23 years old and named Kenny, tried his possible best to make a run out of his stable. However, as he was in motion, he tripped, fell and got stuck in a crevice between the walls of his stable.

As he was unable to go anywhere, all he did was lay there, trapped on his back, and he waited for death as the wildfire continued to make for his position.

Thankfully, however, there was someone who was passing and who took notice of the trapped Kenny. This person was a local journalist named Gina Silva.

Gina is a journalist for KTTV Fox News, and she was on the street with members of her casting team making a report of the wildfires and the current situation. As they made their way around the neighborhood, Silva happened to take notice of the poor Kenny as he was trapped in his stable and was unable to escape the oncoming wildfire.

Although it was in their intention to help Kenny get out of his current predicament, Silva and her team quickly came to a realization of the fact that this was not a feat that they could perform on their own. To make matters worse, all the firefighters that were around them at that moment were preoccupied with trying to contain the wildfire and halt its progress- a task that on its own was already herculean.

So, Silva turned to her social media page to see if she could get someone who would be able to help Kenny as soon as possible.

She sent out a tweet immediately, and it actually worked. A local vet contacted her and said that he was around and could help out. There were also a lot of locals who came out and said that they were willing and able to help Kenny.

Within a short time span, all the volunteers had gathered outside the stable where Kenny was trapped. The vet gave Kenny a tranquilizer to help him get calm, then the rescuers broke down the wall where the horse was trapped. They all worked together, and they were soon able to tear down the wall and free the horse.

Kenny was taken to the vet’s clinic, where all of his minor injuries were treated. Thankfully, Kenny recovered very seedily, and he is now doing pretty well for himself. The vet was also able to contact Kenny’s owner, who showed profound gratitude to everyone who was able to help rescue her horse.

She was unable to take Kenny along while fleeing her home, and she was really happy to find that he was fine.

When Kenny’s owner came back home, she was sure to thank Gina by sending her flowers as a “Thank You”.