Woman Shares Her Toasters’ Hidden Compartment That For Sure You Have It too

Jul 20th, 2021

Some people love spending hours and hours cleaning everything inside their home. But for some, this is not exactly their favorite activity. However, this is something that needs to be done no matter what. It is a task that you cannot simply run away from.

The kitchen is just one of the areas in your home that needs a thorough cleaning. This is where you prepare food for yourself and your family. And the more stuff you have, the more you need to clean them. The appliances that you use the most are the ones that you need to clean most frequently.

Smaller appliances you use every day definitely get dirty and they need to be safe to use for health reasons. Just like the bread toaster. That is one of the things that often need a thorough cleanse.

Recently, a popular TikTok user shared her toaster-cleaning secret, and for sure it will surprise you as it did to us.

The toaster is one of the small appliances that are very easy to use. All you have to do is to put slices of bread in there to toast and wait for it to finish. So how do you clean it exactly? You cannot simply poke your fingers inside and try to clean it manually.

But this TikTok user shared her secret…

At the bottom of most pop-up toasters, you will find a tiny compartment. This holds all the fallen bread crumbs at the bottom!

The TikTok video was shared by Katie (@thebigcleanco). And judging by the comments, a lot of people surely had no idea that a toaster compartment even existed. According to Katie, many people would recommend cleaning the toaster with a hairdryer.

In one of her videos, she shared, “There are cleaning hacks going around the internet that are not really hacks at all, they make it harder. This week I was sent one. ‘Clean your toaster with a hairdryer. Just tip it in the bin.”

Luckily, she is more than happy to share her cleaning tips online. She would even respond to her followers who are asking questions online.

One commenter asked her about stubborn water stains after a shower and wanted to get rid of them. She provided some tips as she knew the perfect trick. She recommended rubbing down the stains with a non-scratch sponge and using some paste, like Gumptions or Bar Keeper’s Friend powder. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and the stain will just rinse off easily.

She also shared her tips on how to clean your oven without using toxic chemicals. The best method for her is to preheat your oven slightly. Doing so will soften the grease and will be a lot easier to remove. Make sure that the oven isn’t too hot to handle while cleaning. Sprinkle a sparkle bicarbonate soda and use a damp steel wool scrubbing pad to clean it.

With more than a quarter-million followers on TikTok, her cleaning advice is clearly something that a lot of people can benefit from and for sure, is greatly appreciated by the internet. If you are interested to learn more, you can also check out her TikTok page for more excellent tips and tricks.