Woman Rescues Cat She Finds In Dumpster. Comes to Find Out It’s Actually A Very Rare Animal

Nov 20th, 2020

Having a new member of the family usually comes as the most fabulous news to everyone. It is indeed lovely having a new face around the house and therefore most people, if not everyone, cherish the idea. However, not all new family members are usually human beings, say a child for example. Animals like dogs and cats also bring as much joy to the family. They also warm up the house.

A woman got a big surprise when she had kitten cries in a dumpster. She checked to find out if it was a kitten and she found a small cat in the trash, confused and without his mother. Being the animal lover she was, the woman took the cat to her place to care for him.

The kitten was still so young, its eyes were still closed, and the woman wondered what had happened to its mother because it is difficult for any mother cat to leave behind her young ones.

She took the cat to her home and cleaned it. However much she loved the young one, he knew too much about cats to allow it in without a thorough cleaning. She then fed it milk. The kitten was adorable and so tiny, and the woman named him Martyr.

The cat, unfortunately, had gotten an injury on its front leg. However, it showed that it was determined to live and the leg healed so fast.

The cat adapted so fast to the environment. It needed love and care, and that is what the woman gave it. She regularly fed it and kept it clean. The two grew close, and the cat could at times sit on the woman’s shoulder.

The story of how he got into the dumpster remains unknown to everyone, and so does the story about its mother. However, this is not to say it worried them so much since they loved Martyr so much. In as much as the kitten felt lucky for being part of the family, they also believe having him around is a blessing.

In the past, the woman had fostered out many kittens. However, when it came to Martyr, she felt attached to him and decided not to and decided to adopt it.

Each day the kitten grew up into a sweet and robust cat. It was strange and indeed a surprise to the woman when she realized the cat was male. Most cats of his type, calicos, are always female and in cases of male calicos, they are usually sterile.

The woman adored the cat and felt lucky she was at the dumpster that day. She thought she had to share this fantastic story with the rest of the world, this was roughly three months after she had rescued Martyr and the cat had grown.

She posted Martyr’s picture on the internet. Many people wondered at its beauty. The post spread so fast, and within a few moments, almost everyone was reading its story.

Many cat lovers were amused. They loved the cat’s beautiful eyes and felt they both were lucky to have found each other. They also marveled at how the cat had grown so healthy and active despite the ordeal it had to pass through when it was young.