Woman Publicly Shames 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome, Turns Out She’s Dating Her Dad

In a Facebook post, Mindy Tyler from Michigan launched a tirade against a six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome, claiming that the girl was dragging down the cheerleading squad. Tyler’s comments quickly went viral, attracting backlash from parents of children with special needs, leading her to delete the comment.

A TikTok user, mama.b.energy, shed light on Tyler’s personal life and shared a photo of Kinsley Brink, the six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome, emphasizing that she was just a young child participating in activities like any other kid. The TikTok user also showed a photo of a woman in her early 30s, referring to her as “dragon’s a–-.”

Tyler’s Facebook post stated that a cheerleader needed to be able to speak, perform the movements, remember and comprehend the cheers, follow directions, and more. She wrongly assumed that Kinsley couldn’t meet these requirements due to Down syndrome. Tyler concluded her rant by belittling the importance of a cheerleader’s attire, stating that a skirt and a bow don’t make someone a cheerleader.

In a surprising twist, the TikTok user revealed that Tyler had been removed as a volunteer cheerleading coach at another school after the Facebook post. The revelation followed another revelation that Tyler is actually dating Kinsley’s father.

Tyler’s follow-up comment further fueled the controversy. She claimed that some parents force their children into sports they are incapable of doing, such as cheerleading, without considering the negative impact on the team and coaches. She argued that it was unfair for children with special needs to be on sports teams and urged parents to provide them with the help they need.

Other TikTok users responded with support for Kinsley and children with special needs. A video showcasing kids with Down syndrome playing sports highlighted their capabilities and passion, countering Tyler’s claims. TikTok users expressed their support, praising Kinsley’s abilities and encouraging her to pursue her passions.

The backlash against Tyler continued on TikTok, with users criticizing her actions and suggesting that she is clinging to her high school days. The general sentiment expressed was one of support for Kinsley and children with special needs, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and celebrating their achievements.

The incident involving Mindy Tyler’s derogatory comments about a six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome sparked outrage among the online community, with many rallying behind Kinsley and promoting acceptance and support for children with special needs.