Woman Harasses Landscaper Demanding To See His Proof of Citizenship

Jul 31st, 2020

Racial discrimination is becoming more rampant these days. Looking down at the people of color is happening and everyone should be aware of this. This is exactly what happened to a landscaper working in Rancho Mirage, California.

For the last ten years, Juan Andrade has been working for a landscaping company. One time while he was working on a yard in a 55-plus affordable housing complex, one of the residents approached him. He was familiar with the woman and he could remember that she once approached him too. And the last time that she did that, she demanded that he “go back to his country.”

So this time, Juan decided to take a video of her in case she decided to harass him again.

In the video, the woman can be seen blowing him a kiss when she noticed that he was taking a video of her. Then she physically stood in the way of Juan’s work. Then she started to demand that he show her his “papers.” Juan then asks her to move because she was too close to him and she was not wearing a mask.

You can hear him say, “Can you move out of my work area? And can you stay away, you’re too close to me right now and you’re not wearing a mask.” But she continues her harassment. He asked her to move again and she replied saying, “Can you show me your papers?”

To avoid any confrontation, Juan asks her to move again. But instead of following, she insisted that he show her his papers. Juan didn’t stop asking for her to move and she would continuously demand him to show her his papers.

Irritated, Juan finally replied, “You wanna see my papers? You immigration?” And the woman just stares at him and says, “Show me your papers, mariposa.”

Mariposa in Spanish means “butterfly.” Many people believe that she chose to use that word because it is also a slur for gay men in Spanish. But also the name of the landscaping company that he works for is “Mariposa” so maybe she was just referring to him being an employee of the said company.

Three months ago, she also disturbed him in the middle of a job telling him to go back to his country. And this time, she did it again. She came up out of nowhere while he was mowing the apartment complex’s lawn.

During his interview with NBC Palm Springs, he said, “It’s usually been about the work, but never to instigate or harass me.” He added, “Like any other complex I was just doing the work for all of them, mowing the lawn. I passed by her apartment and when I turned around to do the second round that’s when I saw her standing.”

Juan reported the incident to his employer. He said that he would try to avoid the area from now on. Good thing Juan decided to record the woman this time and because of what happened, the local Housing Authority is now investigating the incident.

The video has gone viral ever since and the internet dubbed the woman as “Rancho Mirage Karen.” But the people on the internet chose to take matters in their own hands. They have connected with her and her employers to condemn her behavior.

OH My God… Karen’s asking for landscapers papers! These witches are out of control pic.twitter.com/1GtxMv5qEu #KarensGoneWild #KarensStrikeAgain

— san (@sanosbo1) July 19, 2020