Woman Finds Coffin Buried Under Her Childhood Home With A Tiny Girl’s Body

Feb 13th, 2020

Ericka Karner was renovating her childhood home when she and her contractors had a shocking discovery buried beneath her house!

Ericka’s contractors were doing remodeling work in their Lone Mountain neighborhood in San Francisco. While the contractors were digging up the ground, they found a thin wooden coffin covered with a glass lid. It was not an empty coffin though! They realized that there was a well-preserved body of a little girl inside.

They immediately called the attention of a Medical Examiner after opening the casket knowing that further disposition of the casket and the little girl inside was their responsibility. According to Inside Edition, Karner didn’t know that after all this time, the body of this little girl was just underneath her garage. Who the little girl was is a mystery that she was about to resolve.

Since the identity of the little girl was unknown, Ericka’s two daughters gave her the nickname, ‘Miranda.’

They discovered that the coffin was buried about 145 years ago. It was sealed so well that the process of decomposition was very slow. In fact, even the purple flowers that were carefully placed in her hair, as well as her white lace dress, were still intact and well-preserved. Her casket was made of metal, about 37 inches in length with two viewing windows in the lid.

The Garden of Innocence, an organization that gives a proper burial to children who are unidentified helped identify the little girl.

A genealogist named Elissa Davey, who is also the founder of the Garden of Innocence, took custody of the little girl’s body and they prepared a special memorial and funeral service for her. A year after she was discovered under Ericka’s garage, they were able to give this little girl a proper funeral. They also gave her a brand new hand-made casket and buried her in the new cemetery at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Colma, CA on June 4, 2016.

The service was attended by 140 people. Davey said that she was so determined to discover the real story of this little girl as well as the date of her death.

Through DNA, the little girls’ identity would be resolved and also track any living relative. But who is this little girl?

She was Edith Howard Cook who died on October 13, 1876, due to undernourishment. She was the second born child and firstborn daughter of Horatio Nelson and Edith Scooffy Cook. According to Inside Edition, she was almost 3-years-old. She was buried in the family plot in the Yerba Buena section of the Odd Fellows Cemetery two days after she passed away.

According to funeral home records, it was indicated that the cause of her death was ‘Marasmus’ or undernourishment. While trying to find out the little girls’ identity, it was discovered that Ericka’s childhood home was built on old cemetery ground. In 0902, the cemetery stopped accepting burials and in the 1930s, all of the bodies at the said cemetery were exhumed and moved to another burial ground.

Nobody knew that the casket of little Edith was left behind.

After her real identity was discovered, another memorial was help for her on June 10, 2017. Now, the little girl can rest together with her family. She was gone but she was never forgotten.