Woman Confirms Shipping Container Spending $4,000 And Turns It Into An Amazing Home

Jan 13th, 2021

We have seen amazing transformations of homes these days. And one of the most popular home innovations is from shipping containers. Yes, these containers can be turned into beautiful, tiny homes. And this is exactly what this mother did.

Lulu was given this shipping container for free. So she decided to use it and make it into a tiny home. Even though her home is far from what others would consider a luxurious place, but she knows that this is exactly what she and her daughter needs. And what’s important is they love their home and they like sharing how it was transformed for others.

A camera crew of a show wanted to see her house and she was welcome to give them a tour of her humble home. Talking about this journey, she said, “At one point I was stuffing all of these pink toys into a box and I was like, ‘Since when, in order to have a happy childhood, do you have to have a pink room with pink curtains and pink stuff.

’ This was really a choice about how many hours do we have in our lives and how do I want to spend those hours. ”

Also, Lulu had to cut the windows and a door. Their home also needed insulation and set up a basic kitchen. They are using a propane-powered camp stove and an on-demand water heater. All in all, the house area is 8X20 square feet. It may be tiny for some, but this already includes a bed, couch, bookshelf, and kitchen cabinets. In fact, Lulu even created a bedroom on top of a used flatbed trailer.

Lulu also made sure to use all recycled materials for her home renovation. With her creativity, she was able to transform every square inch of this tiny shipping container. This may not be as big as her friends’ homes, but this mom was able to make it work and turn it into a home that they can call their own.

Talking about her home, Lulu said, “It’s really mostly built like a shed. It’s a nice looking shed, but it’s really an 8 by 16 shed with windows in it. ”

So how long was this transformation completed? It only took one month for the entire renovation to finish. And her amazing home only cost her about $4,000.

A house should be a home that you can afford. It doesn’t matter how small or big it is. What matters is that you worked hard to achieve it. And Lulu definitely did.

This single mother has proven to the world that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Nothing should stop you from doing what is best for your family. And for Lulu, creating this adorable home for her and her daughter shows how responsible of a parent she really is.

Not a lot of people know that you can actually make use of old shipping containers? Shopping containers are proven and designed to be fully weather-proof since they are originally used to transport cargo overseas. That is why they need to withstand the elements and protect the goods inside. So there is no doubt that with proper design, anyone can also turn this into a home.