Woman Celebrates 108th Birthday, Credits Vegetables And Cornbread

Let’s wish Lake Estelle Waldrop White from Seneca, South Carolina a joyous 108th birthday celebration!

Dr. Carl Poole, her pastor from Cannon Memorial Baptist Church in Central, spoke to WYFF about this remarkable achievement and shared insights into her journey.

Born on September 1, 1915, in her family’s residence in Pickens, Lake White was akin to a “Rosie the Riveter” during WWII, working on maintenance for B29 army aircrafts. She exchanged vows with Orville Martell White on May 26, 1951, when she was 32. Together, they nurtured two children. Over the years, White passionately maintained a vast garden, preserving and storing vegetables each season. Her skills as a seamstress were unparalleled. She relished a content and rich life with her spouse until he passed away in 2000. She continued to serve at the Vacation Bible School until reaching a century in age.

When Dr. Poole visited her on her recent birthday, he was curious to know her secret for such a long and fulfilling life. The 108-year-old quoted Exodus 20:12, suggesting that honoring one’s parents leads to a long life on the land blessed by God.

Asked if her lifestyle choices played a role in her extended life, Mrs. White attributed her longevity to a diet abundant in wholesome vegetables and cornbread.

It’s hard to contest such wisdom.

A very happy birthday to you, Mrs. White! May you enjoy many more servings of cornbread and vegetables in the years to come!