Woman, 72, Gives Birth To First Baby, Now She And Husband Are Struggling to Keep Up

Jul 20th, 2021

Every woman dreams of becoming a mother someday. Some even say that they would accept the blessing no matter how long it will take. But have you ever thought of the possibility of getting pregnant and having a baby in your 70s? Well, this is exactly what happened to this Indian woman.

Daljinder Kaur, 72, became a mom for the very first time. She is the oldest woman to ever become a first-time mom. The husband and the father of her baby, Mohinder Singh Kaur, was also 80 years old at that time.

You see, the couple always wanted to have children. But for decades, they have tried but they were not able to conceive naturally. Thanks to modern medical science, they found a solution.

Many are happy for the couple, but others worry not only for them but also for the future of their child. When Daljinder Kaur’s child would turn 18, she would already be 90 years old. And unfortunately, not everyone reaches this age. And if she does, will have a hard time coping up with her duties as a mom.

Even though the use of IVF is very well known, there are certain factors that are taken into account before a couple becomes eligible for it. And one of that would be age. That is why many are questioning how the Kaurs are able to get access to the IVF treatment in the first place. So how come the Kaurs were granted the use of IVF?

The Indian couple had petitioned the country’s National Fertility and Test Tube Baby center for years. At first, the clinic refused their request but the Kaurs were very persistent. And eventually, the couple was able to convince the institute that the wife met the health standards required in order to conceive and bear a child.

Remember that at that time, Daljinder was already in her late 60s. She received IVF treatments for two years before she finally got pregnant. The IVF is proven to be very accurate and effective. It assures success because even at her age, Daljinder got pregnant and gave birth naturally. In fact, she even breastfed the baby during the first months!

Daljinder admitted that because of the pregnancy, she had developed medical problems and it caused permanent effects. Now, she has to deal with high blood pressure and weak joints. She also claims that after she got pregnant, she gets tired easily.

Arman is also smaller for his age. Experts believe that this might be caused by old-age pregnancy. Also, they are having a hard time adapting to Arman being a toddler. When he started to move around on his own, it became difficult for them to lift him up. But the couple has full faith in God. They believe that He will take care of everything.

Even though other people have doubts when it comes to their capability to raise their children at their age, the Kaurs are determined to give Arman a full life. The dad shared that they are already planning to give Arman the best of everything in life.

The success story of the Kaurs leads to the possibilities for older people who are seeking out IVF treatments.