Wife’s Hilarious Yet Touching Obituary For Her ‘Dead Sexy’ Husband Is Now Going Viral

Jun 10th, 2021

Losing a loved one is not easy. The journey of grieving and moving on is a painful battle. After two years of battle with cancer, Crystal Sauser’s husband passed away, and this almost broke her. Yes, she was devastated, but she somehow channeled her grief into a funny and touching obituary to honor her late husband.

And now, the tribute to her 43-year-old husband and father of three is going viral!

The obituary reads:

“Eric A. Sauser, AKA Super Dad, Aka Easy, just rockin’ dude from Omaha, NE passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday, February 26, 2021, at the age of 43 with his wife by his side. His departure was just in time for him to make his spiritual appearance at every Red Sox spring game. Eric is survived by his wife, Crystal, and three children, Amelia, Violet, and Benjamin all of whom will likely sleep in the same bed for many years to come (sorry, Eric).”

She then went on to describe her husband. She said that he is a man with “many, many friends” who loved “in this order, his smoking hot wife, his brilliant kids and family, his many friends, the Boston Red Sox, the Kansas City Chiefs (before being a Chiefs fan was cool), the Huskers, Liverpool Futbol, QT iced tea, Adidas sneakers, fishing, backpacking, hiking, hunting, and any old Chevy he saw on the road.”

She also jokingly explained his cause of death. That it was “either leukemia or more likely being ‘dead sexy.’”

She concluded:

“Eric, we’ve always loved you and miss you already.”

The hilarious yet sweet obituary quickly went viral online. And not only that, but it was also published in the local paper!

Crystal said that her husband would have been glad that it’s making people smile. In her interview with Good Morning America, she said, “I’m sad because I have a broken heart, but I’m not sad because we didn’t win our journey.” She added, “Eric never wanted pity… we kind of maintained that in writing the obituary.”

Crystal explains that says her husband was diagnosed with leukemia just more than two years ago. It shocked the entire family, especially her, but he handled his illness with grace.

Last March 2nd, a celebration of life was held for Eric.

The obituary noted: “Following the service, the family requests jamming out to Ozzy Osbourne and raising a cold beer (preferably Busch Light) in celebration of Eric’s life.”

Wives understand their husbands so much that they know what will make them happy. For sure, losing her husband was not easy for Crystal, but she knew that this is probably how her husband would have wanted her to handle the situation. As she mentioned, her husband was not the kind of person who wanted to be pitied.

And that is why as his wife, she made sure to maintain it for him, even with the obituary.

Death is not the end for a couple who loves each other. The living partner can continue to love his or her other half, no matter what. And for Crystal, there is no doubt that Eric and the happy memories with him will remain in her heart and mind all throughout her life.

When I recommend stuff, I usually highlight stories written by ⁦@OWHnews⁩ reporters. But this obituary deserves a read. Godspeed, Eric pic.twitter.com/5JSThgsHSu

— Bob Glissmann (@BobGlissmann) February 28, 2021