Man Pranks Elevator Passangers By Pretending To Do A Weather Forecast On An Elevator

By Kelly Larsen

Elevator small-talk can be awkward, but this man “elevates” that (see what we did there?) to a full-blown, live-action weather forecast! He surprises those that join him on the elevator by launching into a detailed nationwide weather report before pulling down a U.S. map like the ones you see on the news.

The man is Greg Benson, and he is known for his YouTube channel “MediocreFilms,” where he posts videos of elaborate pranks he pulls off, like this one. In this video, Greg starts off talking to others on the elevator with some simple small-talk, and then segues into news items and the weather across the country. Each of the people he pranks is shocked when a pull-down map suddenly comes down behind them, but this quickly turns to laughter.

Greg plays the part of the newscaster very well; he’s dressed in a collared shirt and tie, he speaks with the rhythm of a reporter, and he even introduces another prankster who plays the sportscaster. At the end of the report, Greg pulls out a Walkman that plays a news program theme song, and he and his sportscaster friend mime talking to each other through the music, the way you see it on the news. The two men then exit the elevator without another word.

The reactions from the people that get pranked range from delight to confusion and profanity. All of the participants are good sports, though, and seem to enjoy Greg’s prank. The pull-down map even snaps back up during one fake weather report, and though it surprises both Greg and the girl with him, they continue on with even more laughter. It may be a prank, but it’s all in good fun.

What do you think of Greg’s prank? What would your reaction be?

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