Wealthy CEO Has No Idea Cameras Are On Him, Catches Him Abusing His New Puppy

Oct 16th, 2020

These days, there are security cameras almost everywhere you go. That is why thieves, burglars, and other criminals can now get tracked more easily.

A disturbing footage of an LA-based CEO, Jeffrey Previte is going around the internet these days. The 45-year-old CEO can be seen yanking his poor pup from the ground by its neck. Then if that’s not enough, he slapped the 4-month-old pup so hard that you can hear it whimpering. This incident took place at the Seychelle Condominiums building in Santa Monica, California.

As the footage shows, the man found something on the ground near his god. He then angrily grabs the pooch by the right side of its head using his left fist. He then slaps the dog while shaking him around. Then the man opens the door and yanks the poor dog some more as he closes it behind him.

Then he emerged from the door with the dog in his right hand around his throat while the dog cried in pain. Previte then repositions his hand to carry the hurt dog by his collar. He then starts slapping him around before he finally puts him down. Then, he carries the dog out of the camera’s sight.

A concierge heard the dogs’ cries from the front desk. The person wants to remain anonymous after filing a report to the building’s management saying that he had the footage to prove this. He filed the complaint writing: “At 6,55pm, I witnessed Jeffery Previte beating his dog. ” The concierge said, “I heard the dog screaming, and when I looked on the camera, I saw him beating the dog.

He became irate… and then he hung up on me. He apologized the next day, but I didn’t think it was a sincere apology. ”

Despite the evidence, Previte claimed that he did nothing wrong. According to Daily Mail, he denied that he was ‘rough’ with the dog. He claims that the concierge was extorting him.

He said, “’I think this is very unfortunate that this has come across your desk. I don’t even know exactly what to say but I will say this: [The concierge] called me the evening of this interaction with my dog and that was at nine o’ clock at night and he attempted to extort money from me so that he wouldn’t report it to the building. ”

He added, “There’s nothing illegal about what I did. The building manager took it very seriously. I find it very unfortunate that we are even talking about this. The building manager took it very seriously. I find it very unfortunate that we are even talking about this.”

But despite his claims and comments regarding the situation, the concierge seems to have stronger proof that he did hurt the dog. He explained, “He was very angry. He was choking and slapping the dog,’ he said. ‘He even slammed the poor dog against the wall. ” He said that at first, his manager did not believe him.

His boss even ‘laughed in my face. ’ He said, “I took the next day off work. I just felt that they should have called the police at least. ”

The company that he works for, EBI Consulting, has already pulled his profile from its leadership page. The Santa Monica Police Department already took action after the incident and they are already investigating the case.