Watch Big Sisters’ Heartwarming Reaction When She Meets Her Baby Sister for the First Time

Feb 22nd, 2021

New sibling reveals are heartwarming. Though there are not-so-happy reactions, but most of them will surely touch your heart. One of them is the reaction of this little girl as she meets her baby sister for the first time.

The little girl showed so much emotion during this first meeting that when the video was shared online, it immediately went viral.

Siblings Presley and Reef Brooks came home to a big surprise in October 2018.

For the last couple of weeks, things have been difficult for the entire family because their newborn sister, Charleigh, was born 6 weeks early. She had to spend her first 2 weeks in the NICU. The siblings were not able to visit their newborn baby sister because it was flu season and NICU was closed to visitors. They did not have a chance to meet her at all while she was at the hospital.

So when it was time for Baby Charleigh to go home, the kids’ mom made sure that this is going to be a huge surprise for the older siblings. And boy was she glad that she did record this amazing moment.

The minute Reef opens the door, he knows something was up since they are being recorded. The kids waited in the hallway with their toddler brother when they were alerted to a “surprise” from grandma who was also waiting for them. Reef was surely excited but he was a bit reserved with his reactions. But when Presley was a bit of an emotional kind of sibling.

They proceeded to the back of their home not really knowing what the big surprise is all about. They were never told that their sister was coming home that day.

Reef let Presley go first andwhen she saw what’s happening, all emotioned exploded. She excitedly runs over to greet baby Charleigh. Then she stops in her tracks. And this is when the most amazing part of the video happened.

Presley tries to composes herself in the most ladylije way. After coming to a halt, she takes a moment to control her emotions. She gives the tiny baby a gentle hug and kiss. She then steps back.

Reef just gives his most genuine smile but he also scratches his head and steps back to figure out what’s really happening. Then the spotlight is back to Presley, who is obviously just overcome with emotion. But she surely shows great maturity in not only allowing herself to feel her emotions but getting them under control when necessary.

Now, it’s time to finally hold the baby. Presley knows she can’t have her emotions all over the place when she holds her precious sister. So once Baby Charleigh is placed in her hands, her demeanor changed. She is now calm, cool, and collected. But watching her reaction it’s too obvious that she can’t help admiring her new baby sister like she’s the greatest gift ever.

The family knew that they need to share this with the world. So they licensed T&T Creative Media to share this heartwarming reaction video and to date, it has over 11 million views as of February 2021!

There is no doubt in mind that Presley is ready to be a big sister. But she just wants to take a moment to really let the reality sink in.