Walmart Tries To Fire Disabled Greeters And It Backfires

Sep 20th, 2019

Adam Catlin is a Walmart 30-year-old greet and a Special Olympian. He has cerebral palsy who is worried because he might lose his job because the store made recent changes to their policies.

Store greeters are one of the most important parts of every business, especially Walmart. Some people think that this job is reserved for elderly people but many are also individuals with disabilities. They are the first employee that every customer sees as soon as they step into the store. They are expected to know everything about the store – the layout, policies and so much more.

The greeters are the ‘face’ of the store so they need to be upbeat and alert at all times. They need to have a helpful and approachable attitude to regular customers and new visitors.

Adam has been working for Walmart for a decade manning the door at a Walmart Supercenter in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. However, he was told that he could lose his job when the company decided that this April they will eliminate their “greeter” position.

Walmart has announced to different stores nationwide that they will be replacing their 1,000 front door greeters with ‘hosts’ this 2019. However, the title for the new post included new physical requirements which some of the greeters would not be able to pass, including Adam.

One of the requirements for the greeters is to be able to lift and carry items that weight up to 25lbs. Another requirement is for the store ‘host’ to be able to stand for 8 hours straight of their shift. Adam is legally blind and has very limited dexterity in his hands because of his cerebral palsy.

He is also confined into his wheelchair. Because of this, those who have similar differences with Adam could not be transferred into a different position at this store with their new policy, so the company needs to let them go.

So Adam’s mom, Holly, decided to take this online and voice out her concerns for her son. She felt that her son was being thrown to the curb from this job that he loves and does with his whole heart. This made Walmart face a nationwide backlash!

Their new policies are not acceptable for so many people. They feel that this is unfair. But according to Walmart, this would be a great start for their disabled greeters to find new jobs. This is why it was not a surprise when the retail consultant Craig Johnson called the company’s stance as a ‘major-league botch.’

The President and CEO, Greg Foran, of Walmart’s U. S. stores sent a memo to store managers saying that several greeters already had been offered new jobs for new positions at their stores.

This might not be a MAJOR change from the store’s original plan but Foran writes that the company is taking specific steps in order to support their disabled greeters. One of them is to extend their 60-day period which is given to Walmart workers the time allotted for them to find new jobs within the company.

Adam, together with other greeters who have cerebral palsy have accepted new jobs at the self-checkout department of the company. It is expected that the ‘new hosts’ for Walmart will start greeting their customers soon and not only that, they will also help prevent shoplifting and do other tasks that can help keep the store clean.