Walking Dead Actor Gets Tattoo On His Arm, And It’s Meaning Has Me In Tears

Jan 10th, 2019

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the most popular American actors even up to this day. He has portrayed different characters in Supernatural as John Winchester, Grey’s Anatomy as Denny Duquette, the comedian in Watchmen, and also one of our favorites, The Walking Dead where he plays the role of Negan. He made the news not for his TV or movie roles, but because of his kind heart.

Good morning, and hot damn. @sternshow pic.twitter.com/2jKXlWhqWg

— Jeffrey Dean Morgan (@JDMorgan) November 29, 2016

Jeffrey is an animal lover and he is one of those people who can’t stop checking out boxes of puppies that some kids are selling in Venice Beach California when he was just 19 years old. There were three puppies in the box and they are sold for $350 each. Sadly, none of them were healthy.

They needed help so bad that Jeffrey knew that he had to do something to help. He could have easily chosen a cute and healthy puppy, but he did not.

Instead, Jeffrey chose the one of sickliest of them all. He knew that when this puppy is in his care, he would be able to give it another fighting chance at life. So what he did is he offered the kid $20 for the dog. The puppy was very small and she needed to be bottle fed to survive. He told PopSugar that he rescued her on the Venice boardwalk.

According to him, she was maybe four inches long. “I was like, I want to take that one that’s not going to make it through the day. I bottle-fed her for about a month. ”

Jeffrey said that this pup used to “kiss her way around the bottle” when he was trying to feed her that’s why he named her “Bisou” which means “kiss” in French. Since then, he and Bisou had a wonderful relationship. She has been with him for 17 days but in 2015, she passed away.

Jeffrey still holds a very special place in his heart for her and he still gets emotional when he is talking about her. He ended up getting a tattoo two days after her death on his right forearm with Bisous’ name on it in beautiful cursive letters to honor his memory.

He said, “Two days after she passed I had her name tattooed on my arm.” Still, he can still feel the pain of losing her. She was a dog that he got 19 years ago, that he rescued. “It’s going to make me tear up, I suck!” He said that he can’t even talk about her and it is clear how he valued his relationship with this puppy once upon a time.

Jeffrey has a total of 10 tattoos and each of them means something to him. One of them is his son’s name. He has “Gusy” in his knuckles which is short of Augustus. He might look like a scary tattooed guy, but in reality, he is a softie, especially with dogs. Many are touched about what Jeffrey shared.

It just goes to show that even the toughest men of this world also have a soft side in them. Many of us have had pets once upon a time that we can never let go until now. They will always be a part of us and losing them can be as painful as losing a loved one.