Vince Gil Ignores Instructions To Not Sing About Jesus

Aug 13th, 2019

When Vince Gill stepped onto the Grand Ole Opry stage to sing along with Little Big Town, no one expected him to openly defy the instructions he had been issued with regarding his performance. The man went on and delivered a stunning rendition of Why Me Lord alongside the quartet in a manner that will not be forgotten by many.

At the end of it, everyone stood up to give them a standing ovation, and no one particularly seemed to care about the fact that he had sung about Jesus.

Born in 1957, Oklahoma, Vince Gill started out as a country singer in a rock band that was then known as the Pure Prairie League. Later in the eighties, he became a solo artist and completely transformed to gospel country music.

He has since climbed his way to success and has won tons of awards along the way including eighteen Country Music Association (CMA) awards, Grammy Awards and has even been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame along with other singers such as Dolly Parton.

His father was a lawyer and a judge but he also played in a local country music band. The man taught Gill to play various instruments and played a major role in encouraging him to pursue music. Many would have expected him to follow his father into law but young Gill was adamant about his music. Lucky for him, his father was very supportive.

Gill has had his fair share of misery. His father had a son from a previous marriage. The half-brother was called Bob Coen, and Gill loved him dearly. He never once referred to him as a half-brother. To him, he was a brother.

The two lived happily together until things took a nasty turn of events. Bob was involved in an accident that put him in a coma for three months then left him with a permanent head damage. He died shortly and Gill was devastated. He wrote a song for him and dedicated his album to him.

Gill also had problems with his marriage to Janis Oliver and got divorced in 1997. He met Amy Grant and the two got married in 2000. He has two daughters from both marriages.

When Vince Gill was invited to perform along the Little Big Town in their induction to the Grand Ole Opry, it was evident that he had been asked not to sing about Jesus. He joined the group of four in an astounding religious performance that was awarded a standing ovation by everyone present.

The man had just demonstrated that no one was going to shake his faith. It is a bold move that not many people would have the courage to show. People all over the world are always put in situations that compromise their faith, and most of the time, they are forced to choose between their religion and something else.

Everyone, no matter how senior their positions are, is supposed to learn to respect other people’s beliefs and religious practices as long as they are not cultic. Such respect will foster good relationships and cooperation from people of all backgrounds. Anyone can agree that it was wrong for the award’s managers to ask Vince not to praise Jesus.