This Version Of Meatloaf Signing The National Anthem Is Something We All Need To Hear Right Now

Nov 20th, 2020

The singing of the National Anthem is one of the most awaited parts of every major sports event. Before the start of any major sporting event, like the national football league, the national anthem is being performed usually by well-known artists. This part is very important since Americans value and respect the national anthem.

And one of the most unforgettable performances was that of Meat Loaf on July 12th, 1994. Michael Lee Aday or “Meat Loaf” used his powerful voice and took the stage and simply reminded all the Americans how beautiful the national anthem should be sung.

It was such a beautiful day on July 12, 1994, when the 65th MLB All-Star Game took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Grammy-award winning singer and rocker boast his operatic voice as he sang the national anthem “Star-spangled Banner” with such enthusiasm that made the audience speechless and many, in tears. He accompanied by the 1994-1995 Penn State ROTC Color Guard and delivered his breathtaking national anthem performance.

And this was considered the highlight of the entire event.

This happened the year after he had his big comeback hit, “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” in 1993.

Meat Loaf is an American singer and actor. He is known for his powerful and wide-ranging voice and theatrical live shows. Aside from being a world-renowned singer and rocker, he has also appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows.

And most of his characters resemble his stage persona. Some of his unforgettable film roles were “Eddie” for The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975 as well as “Robert ‘Bob’ Paulson” in Flight Club in 1999.

Before his comeback in 1993, most of his success was in the late 70s. His top-selling “Bat Out of Hell” album featured one of his hits, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light.”

It cannot be denied that on that day, Meat Loaf definitely made the United States proud. As he sang with his powerful voice, it echoed throughout the Three Rivers Stadium. Die-hard sports fans will surely remember the details of the game on that day, but most people who were there watching and those at home will also remember the breathtaking performance by Meat Loaf.

In fact, those who were present could not hold back their tears in the most beautiful way. Meat Loaf stole the show and it was indeed a spectacular moment to remember.

There are not a lot of singers who can do what Meat Loaf can do. He is a man with pure talent and the way he sang the national anthem truly showed how much tribute and respect he has for it. And this should be a lesson to every American hearts out there.

Aside from Meat Loaf, there were also some notable names that made an unforgettable National Anthem performance. Some of them were Whitney Houston, lady Gaga, as well as Steven Tyler, and Fergie. But it cannot be denied that Meat Loafs’ performance was one of the most memorable ones throughout history.

It has been 25 years ago but people will never forget this performance and it will surely remain in the hearts and minds of many as a wonderful memory.