Twin Brothers Finally Reunite After Being Separated At Birth Nearly 70 Years Ago

Jun 22nd, 2022

Twin Brothers Finally Reunite After Being Separated At Birth Nearly 70 Years Ago

Just imagine, nearly seven decades later, you will finally meet the person that you have never met in your entire life. The catch though is that you look exactly alike because you’re twins. That’s exactly how twin brothers George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski met.

The twins are from Germany and they were born in 1946. This was after their mother Elizabeth who was a Polish, Catholic, was freed from a labor camp at the end of World War II. However, she fell ill after she gave birth to the twins and was unable to care for them. She had no choice but to give them up for adoption.

That’s when the brothers were sent to Poland. They were adopted by different families. However, since then, they never saw each other again.

Lucian lived in Poland. He only found out that he was adopted when he was drafted into the army. He didn’t know yet that he had a twin brother. George on the other hand accidentally found his adoption papers when he was 17. That’s also when he learned about his twin brother.

George looked for ways to find his brother. He asked the Red Cross to help him back in the 60s but wasn’t very successful. Talking with TODAY, George shared, “All my life, I just want to know my family. For 70 years, I was living without knowing things and was thinking I’m never going to find him.”

Lucian only found out about George when he was already in his 60s. This happened when coincidentally, he reached out to the Red Cross for help, and they were the ones who were able to track George down for him. Lucian said, “I don’t care about winning the lottery. I just want to have my brother by my side.”

George was hopeful but he didn’t think that his brother was still alive. Then one day, he found out that he was well and alive and he also wanted to meet him!

George said, “I never knew when this day was going to happen — was thinking one day I’ll find my brother. I couldn’t wait to hug him and give him a big kiss.”

After 68 years, George and Lucian finally met. They finally ended their almost seven decades of separation at the Warsaw airport in Poland. Both twins are 69 years old. Lucian arrived with the biggest bouquet of flowers that he could carry. When they were finally face to face, the two men couldn’t hold back their tears.

The men could not hold back their emotions as they held each other, cried, kissed each other’s cheek and rubbed each other’s heads. Their wives also embraced each other in happiness, not believing how this is even possible.

Lucian said, “My heart is overflowing with joy to welcome you back to Polish soil.”

This emotional reunion was caught on video and it quickly went viral. The BBC’s video of their reunion was also viewed over 9 million times.

The Red Cross also found some information about the twins’ parents. The twins’ father was an American soldier who came back to the U.S. before they were born. And their mother had tried to track them down but was not allowed to learn about their whereabouts as they were already adopted into different families.