Trio Pays Tribute To Their Mom Who Died From Cancer With A Song And It Brings The Nation To Tears

May 13th, 2022

America’s Got Talent auditions recently took a sad twist when three siblings performed a song to honour their mother who had died of cancer about two years ago. Even though the song was rock (which is usually supercharged with a combination of instruments that generally give an electric feel), the trio brought the audience and judges to tears.

Manny, the youngest sibling at twenty-one, lead the band as they performed their original composition. He was backed up by his sister Bethany, twenty-four. Joshua was the oldest at twenty-seven, and he played the guitars and the drums. The three worked together to compose the song for their mom, and they did a spectacular job.

Their father had also been in a sibling band when he was younger. Their late mother had a beautiful voice and had been singing with the dad before she was diagnosed with cancer. The two brothers and their sister decided to follow in their father’s footsteps and started their own band. This was, however, after many years of private schooling in music.

The band (named We Three) set up their instruments then took their places. Simon asked them to introduce themselves. They also recognized part of their family which was among the audience, offering all the support they could. Their father was backstage where he was watching them with the show’s host, Tyra Banks.

From the start, anyone could tell that this was going to be a sad one. Joshua worked the piano keys to start the song then Manny began singing. Everybody sat still and listened with keen interest to catch all the lyrics. His sister joined him in the third stanza, and their voices blended impressively to a rather sad tone.

The two sang from their hearts as could be told from the raw emotion that flushed in their faces. The crowd reacted to the sad beginning with a low murmur, and their father was at the edge of tears. Tyra put her hands supportively on his shoulders, and it was quite clear that this was going to be a highly emotional performance.

The guitars started playing as Manny sang out his mother’s message to him and his siblings. The judges looked shook, and Mel B could not hold her tears back. Tyra and their father were also caught up in the tearful moment backstage. The audience was also remarkably silent, and the enthusiastic cheers were nowhere to be heard.

As Manny sang ‘…heaven’s not too far away…I know someday you’ll visit’ a lot more people were spotted wiping tears. Everybody could feel at least a bit of the pain the family went through when their mother passed away. Joshua drummed with as much emotion as his sister played the guitar with.

Sadness, however, was not the only thing communicated by the trio’s performance. Manny and his sister Bethany had astonishing voices. Their expertise with the instruments made it much better, and Joshua’s excellent piano skills completed the band. The music had blended excellently with their voices to create a fantastic combination of talent.

When the performance ended, everybody rose to give them the standing ovation they had well earned. Mel B took a deep breath and wiped her tears as she rose to clap for the siblings. Their father backstage applauded them with so much joy. He was definitely very proud of his children.