Top-Selling Dog Food Is Under Investigation After Euthanasia Drug Found In It

Apr 15th, 2019

Take this carefully for the sake of your pets.

If you have a dog at home and you love it dearly, then you might want to take out some time in the nearest future and have a good look at your pantry. This is due to the fact that there are quite a lot of lines of popular dog brads that have recently been found to contain certain amounts of euthanasia drugs.

It is even more unfortunate that quite a number of dogs have already meet their end this way.

Nikki Mael was left in a state of visible trauma after she fed a can of Evanger’s pet food to her five cute dogs. Within just 15 minutes, each and every one of her dogs became sick and sadly, Talula- one of her dogs- ended up dying as a result.

“Nobody deserves to go through what we just went through,” Nikki sad to CBS 12. “It’s just not fair. I mean, there is nothing that I won’t give just to see Talula again. They just kept falling over. They were running into walls, and they were even convulsing”.

After she sent the rest of the food to a local lab to undergo some testing, she discovered the exact thing that caused the death of Talula.

“Apparently, it was poison from the fog food. That was what killed her” said Nikki. The tests revealed that the dog food contained traces of Pentobarbital, a drug that is commonly used in euthanizing dogs, cats and even horses. Putting any kind of pentobarbital in the food of pets is a serious violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The tests, which were run by CBS 12 revealed that there was indeed some pentobarbital in both Gravy Train and Evangers, the former of which is usually produced by Big Heart Pet Foods and is owned by J. M Snucker’s.

The company is also responsible for the production of Milk Bone, Meow Mix, Pup-Peroni, Nature’s Recipe, Gravy Train, 9 Lives, Kibbles’ N Bits, Alley Cat, Milo’s Kitchen, Snausages, Jerky Treats, Pounce, Canine Cary Outs, and Meaty Bone.

A statement from the FDA on February 16th read, “It is possible for pets that are known to consume a lot of pet food which contain pentobarbital to experience excitement, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, a loss of balance, nystagmus (a condition that is give in to the process where your eyes move back and forth in a jerk manner) as well as an inability to stand straight on its own. However, when a pet consumes pentobarbital as a rate that is high enough, it is possible for it to go into a coma or even die ultimately”.

Ever since this outbreak was reported, it is reported J.M Snucker Company has been sure to call back shipments of offerings and varieties such as Kibbles N’ Bits, Ol’ Roy, Skippy Canned Dog and Gravy Train itself.

The statement, read, “According to findings which were done by the government, it has been found that the root cause of this problem to be a single supplier as well as a single, very minor ingredient, which are being used at the manufacturing plant. Above all, we are a company that is in love with pets, and we completely understand the responsibility that we have in providing high-quality foods that wound end up providing value as well as enjoyment for our clients as well as their pets”.