Toddler Accidentally Killed By Phone Charger

May 22nd, 2020

The rates of accidental death of an infant in India is drastically increasing. One of them is the recent ones was the death of a toddler who had a horrifying story. Although there were conflicts with regards to the age of the child, the story remains the same and that it was a baby girl.

The story went viral after Razia brought her daughter to visit a family. They planned to stay there for the weekend. It all started as a fun and relaxing family time but sadly, it didn’t end well for the baby.

A day after their arrival, everyone was busy while the phone was left charging by someone in the family. Then the phone was removed but the charger was left dangling still plugged in the socket.

For sure a lot of us would do the same without ever thinking that it could be dangerous, especially if we have young children in the family. Leaving plugged in cables is not uncommon. As we believe that they don’t pose any danger.

But when Razia’s daughter saw the charger cord, she was curious and placed it into her mouth. The child’s mouth was wet and she was immediately electrocuted with the charger tip. It instantly caused an electric shock. The family then hurried to bring the child to the nearest hospital.

The doctors rushed to do everything they could to save the child, but it was too late. Just a short while after they arrived at the hospital, she was pronounced dead.

Young children have the habit to put everything in their mouth. That is why they should not be left unattended. However, accidents can happen when you are not extra careful. That is why you have to ensure that your entire house is child-proof.

If you don’t know how, here are some tips for you:

Install GFCI’s.

These are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters that are needed in rooms with water source. You need this in the kitchen and bathrooms. These devices will automatically shut off the power when it detects current leaking from the circuit to the ground.

Avoid Using Extension Cords.

Another tip is to avoid using extension cords and power strips. The kids have the habit of chewing on things. And you do not want them to chew on something electrical. Also, you do not want them to play with cords and wires with appliances that are plugged into them. If you cannot help it, only use electrical cords when you have the time to keep an eye on them.

Use Outlet Caps.

It is important that you put safety covers on all of the electrical outlets when they are not in use. There are now safety devices that you can install to make sure that your house is child-proof.

Unplug Unused Appliances.

Unused plugs should be removed or kept out of the baby’s reach. Before you leave the room, always make sure that you unplug unused appliances. And for the child’s room, make sure that the outlets and wires are out of sight.

With or without young children at home, it should be a practice for everyone to remove the charger or any appliances that are plugged in when not in use. And for families with young children, especially toddlers, they should take extra care. Keep your children safe from burns or electric shock.