This Is Why Costco Always Checks Your Receipts—and It’s Not for Shoplifting

The reason behind Costco checking receipts is not primarily to combat shoplifting, as one might assume. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that customers were not overcharged or undercharged during their purchase, including checking for any items that may have been double scanned.

Kevin Heuer, the general manager of the Costco store in San Francisco, explained that the goal is to prevent customers from being overcharged or undercharged, rather than targeting potential shoplifters. He emphasized that if there is an extra item in a customer’s basket, it is the store’s responsibility, not the customer’s. Sometimes checkers may forget to ring up items that were placed on the bottom of the basket, leading to unintentional discrepancies.

While having your receipt checked at the exit might make you feel a bit uneasy, it is important to understand that Costco is simply trying to ensure the accuracy of customers’ purchases before they leave the store. This process is part of their commitment to customer service and their dedication to providing a positive shopping experience.

So, if you are a Costco shopper, it’s good to know that the store has your back. The receipt check is not meant to be intrusive but rather a measure to safeguard your interests as a customer. By respecting this policy, you can show the same level of kindness that Costco demonstrates towards its patrons. Whether you are visiting Costco for your regular grocery run or any other errand, you can feel confident knowing that the store’s intentions are focused on your satisfaction and ensuring fair transactions.