These Are The Rarest Triplets In The World

Jun 10th, 2021

When couples learn that they are expecting a child, nothing can beat the excitement that they feel like proud parents. Yet you can’t help but feel scared at the same time. But finding out that you are having triplets must be triple the excitement and fear!

The is what the Howard family felt when they found out that they are going to be the parents of three babies. Their family of two from Center Moriches, New York is going to be a family of five in nine months. Having triplets was not the only reason why they are rare babies. They also made medical history!

Amy found out that she was carrying triplets during her routine checkup. According to her sonogram reports, the technician found one baby, then another, but then she paused before saying, “Hold on a second. ” Then announced that Amy and Mike are going to have triplets. They were conceived without any fertility treatments.

Mike said that maybe they just got lucky. His first reaction was, “Holy [expletive]. I was kind of a little bit in shock. ”

Amy can still recall crying hysterically because she was terrified. She said that it took her a bit of time to comprehend and get used to the idea that she is going to have triplets in a couple of months.

However, the happiness that they felt with the news did not last long. Amy and Mike Howard learned that all three babies are suffering from a very rare medical condition called craniosynostosis. Hunter, Jackson, and Kaden are the first-known case of triplets who were born with this condition.

This affects 1 in every 2,500 babies. They develop an unusual shape of the skull and they will have strange head features. Babies who are diagnosed with craniosynostosis these days find the cure by undergoing different corrective surgeries.

Dr. David Chesler, a pediatric neurosurgeon from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital who also operated on the boys explains that our skull is made up of plates and this is not a single bone. Once the seams join together too early, the brain can be placed under extreme pressure. This can be dangerous to the brain, can affect vision and the life of a child.

The doctor continues to explain that this condition is NOT life-threatening. However, it can cause real consequences in the long run.

With Howard triplets, the doctors immediately recommended assistance to avoid any possible brain damage. So at 11 weeks, Hunter, Jackson, and Kaden had to face the harsh reality of their health condition the moment they were born. After their birth, the doctors concluded that both Huner and Jackson share identical physical characteristics. They have protruded skills too.

Kaden, on the other hand, had a triangular head. Their unusual appearance needed them to undergo multiple surgeries to help make them look like the other babies.

Amy Howard explained how scared she was for her boys. Mr. Howard shared, “I was very freaked out. Any time you have to put the baby [in an operating room], it’s a little crazy.”

The surgeries were completed in two days in January 2018. All of them did great and they were already back home in just two days after the surgery. Six to nine months after, the boys need to wear orthotic custom-made helmets for 23 hours daily to help mold their skulls.

Now, their head shapes are back to normal and all of the babies efforts made a huge difference!