The One Color To Wear If You Want Wasps To Avoid You

As we approach the warmer months, many things bring us joy, such as beer gardens, longer days, and brighter mornings. However, along with these pleasures, come the inevitable presence of bugs, including wasps. In the UK alone, there are approximately 9,000 species of wasps, and it’s safe to say that most people prefer to keep them out of their homes and away from their outdoor activities.

To address this issue, Buglife, a conservation specialist, has shared some interesting methods to keep these buzzing insects at bay without altering the factual information. Let’s explore some of these unique strategies:

  1. Wear Red Clothing: Interestingly, most insects, including wasps, are unable to see the color red. Since wasps are attracted to brighter shades like yellow and white, which resemble the colors of flowers they seek for nectar, wearing darker shades like blue or black can help deter them. However, red clothing provides an even safer option as wasps simply cannot perceive it.
  2. Mix Basil and Garlic: While basil and garlic may be delightful ingredients to us, they repel wasps. By keeping basil plants and garlic cloves near windows or around your home, you can discourage wasps from venturing indoors.
  3. Make Your Home Minty-Fresh: Wasps are not fond of the scent of mint. A simple solution involves mixing peppermint oil with dish soap and spraying it around your home, resulting in a fresh minty aroma while keeping wasps away. Placing mint plants near windows or on tables can also serve as a deterrent.
  4. Utilize Cucumber Peel: As summer is the season for cucumbers, it’s worth noting that wasps despise the acidic taste of cucumber peel. If you enjoy adding cucumber to your salads or sandwiches, consider keeping some cucumber aside to ward off these stinging insects.
  5. Craft Your Own Wasp Traps: For those who like to repurpose jam jars, they can be transformed into effective wasp traps. Simply create a hole in the jar lid that is large enough for wasps to enter, and place some water or beer along with a bit of jam or honey inside. Wasps will be attracted to the enticing aroma and become trapped. Alternatively, an open wine bottle can also attract wasps effectively.
  6. Avoid Strong Perfumes and Aftershaves: It may not come as a surprise, but perfumes and aftershaves with floral scents can actually attract wasps. By opting for neutral scents, you can reduce the likelihood of these pests being drawn to you.
  7. Employ the Scent of Copper: Wasps have an aversion to the smell of copper. By rubbing pennies and leaving them scattered around your home, you can create an environment that is less appealing to these buzzing insects.

By utilizing these methods, you can take proactive steps to keep wasps away from your home and outdoor spaces without compromising the factual information provided. So, embrace the upcoming season with confidence, knowing that you have some tricks up your sleeve to minimize encounters with these striped stingers.