The Famous Blue And White CorningWare Design Is Coming Back. Here’s Where To Get It

Sep 14th, 2018

The legend returns!

These glassware dishes are classics in their own right… and just like any other legend, they, for a time, retreated from the limelight and faded a little. However, there has been a resurgence in their use, and they are now making a comeback. They might be old, but they will definitely have no issues with catering to each and every one of your cooking needs.

CorningWare dishes have always been a regular when it comes to family kitchenware, and they seem to have been around since the dawn of time. They became incredibly popular among people due to their unprecedented ability to push through both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures without splitting, undergoing any color change, or having effects on the taste that your food produces.

The CorningWare dishes are especially favored for casseroles and basically every type of baking. Thankfully, after a little period of unavailability, it is now possible for you to purchase them both online and in certain establishments. A lot of them even come at affordable prices, so you won’t have to splurge too much to get them.

A lot of people might not know this, but the creation of these dishes is something that just happened by accident. Back in 1952, Dr. S Donald Stookey, a man who worked at the Corning Glass Works company, was working when his oven suddenly malfunctioned. The oven cooked a certain material as high as 900 degree Celsius.

Dr. Stookey was performing a test on a piece of glass that was used in the production of a television set, and that is what became what we all know today as the CorningWare dish.

The cookware has a history line that is so long, you’d be amazed. After the material- which is able to withstand high levels of heat- was discovered, Stookey sold it off to the military, who in turn used it in the manufacturing of their rockets and other weapons. However, it was in 1958 that the company struck gold on the idea to sell it as a piece of cookware, under the name Pyroceram.

For years on end, these dishes made their way into millions of homes all around the world, and they were among some of the most popular kitchen items ever made.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end. Their production as eventually halted, and their popularity kept declining up to the point where stores no longer offered the up for sale. Many people, in an attempt to get their hands on this classic cookware, took to online channels and ecommerce stores like eBay.

However, Corelle Brand- the brand that has taken over ownership of the CornningWare cookware- has made an announcement that they would be releasing the iconic blue and white dishes in a full collection as a way to celebrate its 60th anniversary. As part of this collection, the dishes will come in a wide array of sizes, a mug and lid, knife set with the cornflower pattern, a ramekin set with three pieces, and of course, plates.

You will be able to find some amazing and incredibly affordable CorningWare dishes on Amazon if you will also like to shop for them online. Also, you will most probably find part of these anniversary edition dishes at your local Kohl’s.