Teen Who Is Viciously Bullied Throughout High School, Gets The Last Laugh At Prom

May 3rd, 2021

High school is the most exciting and memorable part of our lives. This is the time when most of us experience so much in just a couple of years and we think that we are so ready to face the world of adulthood. This is also the time when many of these teenagers become victims of bullying.

There are so many reasons why these bullies make other people’s lives difficult but no matter what the reason is, what they are doing can greatly affect the victim emotionally, socially, and mentally.

Prom is one of the most awaited event for juniors and seniors. Most of them prepare months before the date for the dress and pair of shoes that they want to wear. However, for the victims of bullying, they get more terrified each day as the Prom date approaches.

This is what a teen from County Durham England experienced after being tormented by her peers for years. Fortunately, there is a group of people who made sure to make this day extra special for her.

The Throng Biker Gang Escorted Her To Prom

Chloe Robson is a 16-year old student from County Durham, England. She experienced years of bullying but no matter how terrified she is, Chloe still decided to go to prom. There’s no reason for her to be afraid because she will be accompanied by a biker gang that is run by her uncle, Grant Robson.

These 126-strong bikers entrance was arranged by the Bikers Against Bullies, a group that helps create awareness about bullying and they offer full support to victims and their families. We all know that those who show up in prom and can make the best impact on this big night would not only get the bragging rights, but they would also feel very special.

Other teenagers hire expensive cars and limousines, while others arrive in carriages. Chloe definitely beat them all. She was not only escorted by 126-strong bikers who were revving up their engines upon arriving at the venue, she also had her own motorcade in a fancy car. This amazing moment was caught on a 5-minute video and it didn’t take long for it to go viral.

As seen in the footage, she arrived at the Lumley Castle in Chester le Street where her prom will be held and she is inside the silver classic car complete with tinted windows. As she opened her door, everyone witnessed how the bikers are serenading her with their engines.

When Chloe was interviewed she shared, “I was really nervous about going to the prom and the reaction I’d get. ” She confessed that she knew that there would be bikers arriving with her but she did not expect for them to be over 100. She said, “It was a big shock when we heard the engines and all the bikers turned up.

I wasn’t expecting that many but it made me feel supported and confident. They were surrounding the car all the way there and then escorted me to the school. ”

This special day definitely made an impact not only on Chloe but on the other students too. It is clear in the video that everyone was speechless and awestruck including the teachers and the families of other students. They started clapping and cheering for Chloe and this made her really happy.

She said that her friends came up and said, “Wow, that was an entrance. ” And yes, it was indeed an entrance that no one would ever forget.