Teen Rides A Horse Through A Snowstorm To Help Stranded Truck Driver Miles Away

Jun 11th, 2019

Snowstorms can be very nasty. If you happen to get stranded in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm, you know that there is a very tiny chance that someone would come and help you. Treking on snow can be very dangerous and no one would dare risk it and put their lives in danger.

Well, maybe this teenage girl from Manitoba, Canada is an exception!

Eileen Eagle Bears is an 18-year-old teen from Canada. The moment the snowstorm struck her hometown in Manitoba, she immediately turned into local traffic cameras that were set up along the icy highways. As expected, the roads were mostly cleared of drivers, except for a semi truck with the driver inside.

It was clear that he was stranded on the interstate that is 3 miles away from her house. Eileen knows that she can’t just sit there watching this driver suffer. She wanted to do something to help the trapped stranger.

She made a promise to herself that if in the morning, the driver was still there, she would go out and try find him. It was too late that night so she couldn’t do anything but wait until morning.

When the morning came, she checked the cams and the driver was still there!

Eileen with her faithful horse, Mr. Smudge, trekked the icy 3-mile road in the middle of the snowstorm. She did her best to locate where the stranded driver is. By the time they found him, he was asleep in his truck after a long, cold night.

During her interview later on, she shared that when she found him, it was not snowy but because of the wind, it was very cold. When asked how Mr. Smudge took the icy trek in the midst of the weather conditions she said:

“He was great! I had to get off and walk about half of the way because the wind was too strong.”

Riding her horse on strong winds could have been dangerous for both of them. When the driver saw the girl in her horse, he couldn’t believe his eyes! When he looked outside his window, the girl was out there with her horse and a cup of hot coffee in her hand. According to Eileen the truck driver just said, “Wow! This was unexpected.”

Eileen also explained that the man was doing okay when she got to him and he still got enough diesel on his truck to keep him warm. But the problem is, he was running out of food. After giving him his coffee, Eileen headed back home with Mr.

Smudge. She made him a promise that if in the evening, he was still there, she would come back and give him some hot supper to keep him warm.

Later that evening, nothing changed.

Eilene said that the driver was still there so she went back to the truck, taking Mr. Smudge with her on that 6 mile walk to bring him food and more coffee. The driver was very glad that someone was out there willing to offer help him.

A lot of teenagers might not have been brave enough to do what Eileen did. This girl was definitely something else. She braved the cold just to help the stranded driver.

She is definitely a hero!