Teen With No Friends Sits Alone At Lunch For 4 Years, Then One Day A Group Confronts Him

Oct 10th, 2018

When you are a teenager, the lunchroom at school is one of the most nerve-wracking to navigate. It is so difficult to go inside with lunch tray in hand, and looking for a table that you can share with. Well, that is unless you have a group of good friends who always reserve a seat for you.

You want to find a table with students who would not make you go away, make fun of you, or completely ignore your presence. To avoid this awkward situation, some kids choose to sit on their own.

Kay Kirby always sends her son a text message during his lunch break at school because Andrew would usually sit alone at lunch and this breaks her heart every time. According to Kirby, Andrew has been sitting alone in that lunch table for four years. She said, “The thought of our son or any child eating alone every day breaks our hearts.

” He would usually hang out with his phone and play games to pass the time. However, on his first day of school, something magical happened that stunned Kirby.

As soon as Andrew hopped into the car after school, he can’t stop talking about what happened during lunch. His excitement worried her at first but as soon as he told her what went on at lunch, she now understands why. He said:

“Mom, I didn’t eat alone! Some student council members asked me and three others eating alone to come to sit with them, and said we could eat with them again tomorrow, too!”

Kay can’t believe it! The Boiling Springs High School Student Council approached four kids, including Andrew, who was eating by themselves and let them join the council table. He was so happy about it that she had to take his photo after school and share it on Facebook, spreading the news and praise the student council for a job well done.

Kay wrote on her post:

“These students may not have thought this was a big deal, but it was an answer to prayer and a great encouragement for Andrew. THANK YOU to those students, you made a difference today!”

Andrew’s story went viral and during his interview with Fox Carolina, he shared that he was thrilled because, after that day, he is not going to eat alone in that lunchroom anymore. He finally felt that he was part of a group. He said, “It makes me feel happy that I can eat with people.”

Even the Spartanburg County school district responded to Kay’s online post and applauding the student’s actions. They are hoping that all of the students would feel comfortable at lunch. They said that they typically do not share posts from personal pages, but Andrew’s experience is a very worthwhile exception.

According to the school district, this post shows the loving community we live in, the character of our students and the family-feel of our schools. They wrote: “We are so thankful that Andrew had a great First Day of School in D2. ”

Damian Howarth was one of the kids who invited Andrew to sit with them and he shared that it is sad that it took this long for Andrew to find someone to sit with him during their lunch break at school. Nevertheless, Andrew was thrilled about what happened and the very next day, he was already waiting for them at the lunch table!