Tears Were Flowing For Irish Priest’s Song, Simon Even Says “This Is My Favorite Ever Audition”

Aug 10th, 2018

You are never too old to follow your passion and use your talents. That’s the exact thing we see when we hear father Ray Kelly sing so beautifully the way he does.

The parish priest of St Mary and St brigid parish, Oldcastle County Meath, Ireland decided to come showcase his talent on Britain’s Got Talent and delivering such a beautiful performance that earns him a standing ovation from the audience and words of appraisal from the judges.

It’s a world filled with so many people with beautiful God-given gifts. These beautiful skills are meant to be shared with the world to make others happy. Father Ray is very much aware of this and he is doing just that. Singing is what Father Kelly loves to do in his free time.

In his 60 something years on earth he has never thought of u=music as a means for making money or pushing for fame for himself. No wonder with such a beautiful voice, he has been simply satisfied with sharing his passion with just close friends and loved ones.

On One occasion, a video of father Kelly singing was recorded and posted online and the video went viral, that was when father Kelly decided to get on a bigger stage and share his talent with the world rather than hide somewhere with it. And what better place to do so than on Britain’s got talent.

There were millions of people watching from home, and with any luck he might even be the lucky winner with the rare privilege to sing before the royal family. Armed with determination and a voice good enough to take on the world, Father Kelly stepped in front of crowd and took the microphone.

His song choice was excellent Father Kelly not only knew the lyrics to the Rem special “Everybody Hurts” but his job as a priest means he knew first-hand the pain and the hurt people feel and could relate to their heartache.

With all that emotion and passion bottled up within Father Kelly delivered a most spectacular performance getting cheers and claps from the audience right from the very start of his performance and they continued even as he continued to sing.

By the moments father Kelly wrapped up his performance, the crowd went wild with excitement and gave him a rousing applause.

Not only was his performance spectacular, he delivered every line of the song with so much dexterity and energy, it was hard to tell he hadn’t been a professional all his life. It was all just so incredible. And the judges felt the same way too.

Not only did they enjoy his performance they had nothing but beautiful words of appraisal for the old Irish priest who sang with so much youthful energy one would think he was a young man.

The judges were impressed by father Kelly’s unique delivery of the song. And spared no words in telling him how great it was. One of them told him point-blank that his was one of the best performance he had ever witnessed. Guess which of the judges had such beautiful words to say. But despite his beautiful performance would it be enough to get him through to the next stage of the competition?

Watch the video below to find out and see father Kelly’s mind-blowing performance.