Team Risks Their Life To Free Elephant That’s Been Chained Up His Whole Life

Mar 25th, 2020

Elephant’s Heartwarming Reaction Caught On Video While Being Set Free After Spending Her Whole Life In Chains

Some animals can only be seen in the zoo. But we all know that most of these animals should be left alone in the wild or sanctuary where they can live freely. Many animals have been rescued from abuse. It can be from zoos who do not know exactly how to care for them, or from a circus where most of these animals are being tortured to perform.

One of them is an older elephant named Raju. He was found with spiked shackles and was covered in blood because he was being held captive. The poor elephant was also too skinny for his size. He does not receive the right food and water that he needs.

He would only get handouts from people who would pass by. When tourists would pass by him, he would ask for food. He was too hungry that he would eat even the plastic or wrapper that was used for the food that was given to him.

It is obvious that the elephant was living a miserable life.

Raju was held captive for 50 years. In these five decades, he was sold for 27 times. He was captured when he was still very young. He never got to experience a normal life. It’s as if he knew that it was not supposed to be the life for him.

When Wildlife SOS found out about his poor state, this North London-based charity knew that they had to take action as soon as possible. So a team of 10 wildlife experts and veterinarians showed up. With them are 20 people from the forestry department and they were escorted by 6 policemen. Finally, they would be able to successfully rescue Raju.

While he was being freed from his shackles, they noticed that the elephant was crying. A statement from one of the witnesses said, “The team was astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed.”

However, the rescue process did not come easy for them/ the owner was trying to stop them from taking Raju.

The owner started to shout commands to scare the poor elephant. He would even provoke him. And it created a very dangerous situation for everyone. A bull elephant is too big for a human being to control.

This animal can snap a person like a toothpick with ease when they are afraid or angry. When scaring Raju did not work, he added more chains around his legs so that the rescuers could not take him. The chains were too tight that it would cut into Raju’s legs.

The rescue group did everything they could to encourage the owner to let them take Raju with them. Finally, he agreed!

So the rescue team started cutting the shackles from his leg. Raju is finally free!

When they arrived at the sanctuary, it was already past midnight. But the other elephants did not hesitate to welcome him. It will be a long rehabilitation process for Raju, but his rescuers are not giving up on him. They promised to teach Raju that not all humans would harm and hurt him.