Teacher Spots Her Student Biking On The Road And Realizes Something Is Very Wrong

Jun 11th, 2019

We all know that teachers will always have a special connection with their students, even outside the classroom. They would always see their students every day which is why they would somehow form a bond. Some of these students even have a closer relationship with their teachers more than what they would have with their parents.

This is why when a teacher saw one of her former students cycling down an open rod one day, she had a feeling that something was wrong. When she asked him what happened, she realized that this kid is a hero!

This boy is Cameron and his dad is a diabetic. There will be times that his illness would leave him in a very dangerous situation. This is what the teacher witnessed when she saw Cameron pedaling his bike down that road. That day, his dad only had 7-year-old Cameron with him.

The boy ran to the neighbors for help but no one’s around to help him. He also tried calling 911 but couldn’t get through his dad’s phone because of his passcode.

Cameron only knew one person that he can ask for help – his grandma.

But the boy’s grandmother lives five miles away from his home. So he jumped on his bike and started pedaling fast down the U.S. 25. It’s a busy street and there were cars and huge trucks on the road but this did not frighten Cameron. He knew he had to get to his grandma’s house for help.

Thankfully, someone saw him and helped him!

It was his former teacher, Keller Sutherland. She was on her way home after her class at Ellen Woodside Elementary School. While getting ready for the 1-mile drive, she saw a boy on his bike. It was an open highway and she instantly got worried about the boy’s safety. So she turned her car around and she realized it was Cameron.

She stopped him and asked the boy questions and this is when she learned what happened to his dad. Even in the midst of an emergency situation, the boy did not panic and he didn’t even cry at all. Two truckers saw them and they called 911.

As soon as the first responders arrived, Keller led them to the boy’s house. His dad was found unconscious in the bathroom and they were just in time.

Keller told Greenville News that Cameron is the bravest little boy she ever knew. The principal of the school learned about the incident and decided to hold a seminar to teach the students how to respond to make emergency calls using different phones.

Cameron’s story was uploaded on Facebook and it instantly went viral and received over 37,000 views!

Even Cameron’s mom commended the boy for his bravery. She also thanked everyone who helped him that day. She shared that Cameron was so relieved when he saw his former teacher and he knew that everything would be alright.

We know that our children’s teachers are their parents at school. Their teacher’s concern for their students goes beyond the school grounds. They worry if the kid is not able to come to school and their care is beyond the four walls of the classroom. That’s how special the teacher-student bond is!