Teacher Shaves His Head To Make Student With Alopecia Feel More Special

Jun 10th, 2021

Young children may not be concerned about how they look, but they are aware if they are different from their peers. Children are often scared of becoming “that kid” who with an unusual habit, trait, or feature that anyone can poke fun at. Some might forget it as they grow older, but others would bring that feeling of being different for the rest of their lives.

This is why parents with children who are different should be taught how to teach their kids to accept themselves and be proud of who they are.

For a child with alopecia, understanding his or her condition is important. But for a child, that can be a challenge. What that child understands is that he or she is different from the others.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can attack your body. Alopecia areata attacks the hair follicles. The individual with this condition will usually go bald gradually. Because of this, the person would just prefer to shave their heads rather than deal with the awkward bald spots. If this is difficult for an adult, how much more a child who barely understands his or her condition?

For a child, losing their hair can change everything in their lives. Many children who had to live with the condition are afraid that with losing their hair, they would also lose their friends. They are afraid that they will be teased in school by other kids while some of them would treat them as if they have some communicable disease.

This is what happened to a young boy named Dino.

Dino had a tough time when he needed to have his head shaved because of his condition. He was afraid that he would look out of place with his classmates. But when his teachers heard about his concern, one of them stepped in to help.

Ehren Steiner, one of Dino’s teachers decided to do something special for him. He wanted to make the kid feel more comfortable. So he offered to shave his head and show him support during these trying times. He told the kid that if he shaved his head, he would shave his head too.

When Dino came to school that Monday, he was sporting a completely bald look. He was uncomfortable at first and he even doubted that his teacher would keep his word, but he did.

The teacher and his student shared the awkwardness of their first day but for sure, Dino was able to feel a boost of his confidence for what his teacher did.

This story simply tells us how adults can make a difference in a child’s life. Children might have difficulties in life, but if adults surrounding them show support and love for them, life would be so much easier for these kids. Some grown-ups think that kids do not have any care in the world. But we should not belittle their feelings.

Take the time to treat them with respect. Change a child’s life for the better. You as an adult should be a role model for these young children who can learn a lot from older people who they look up to.

It is heartwarming to see teachers who are willing to do everything they can for their students. They surely are real-life superheroes!