Teacher Calls Mixed Race Boy A “Mutt”, Father Responds Accordingly

Teacher Calls Mixed Race Boy A “Mutt”, Father Responds Accordingly

By Regina Young

Kevin Brown knew that his 11-year-old son Kaden would face some obstacles in his life as a biracial boy, but he never imagined that this prejudice would come directly from one of his son’s teachers.

He was appalled, then, when his son returned from school one day and said that his Language Arts teacher has noticed his curly hair and asked, “Are you a mutt?”

Kaden didn’t initially understand the question, until another student explained that the teacher was asking if he was of mixed race.

Kevin was outraged that a teacher participated in this type of talk, and took to Facebook to express his concern over what the incident did to his son.

“This left my son, my heart and joy, feeling like he meant nothing, that he was less than nothing,” Kevin wrote. He explained how his son asked why he couldn’t be all white, wanting to disown the other side of his roots.



“This teacher made my son feel dirty, calling him a mutt, a dog with no identity who doesn’t belong,” he continues. “I AM OUTRAGED!!! This racist behavior should not be allowed in our schools, our children should never be faced with this BS, especially in the classroom from people that we (parents) entrust our children’s protection.”



Kevin then asks that the teacher in question be fired, and pleads for racial tolerance in schools that should be a safe space.

The Michigan school that Kaden attends has since issued a statement ensuring that the entire incident is under investigation.



Do you think this teacher should be fired for their comment?

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