Studies Show Dogs Can Detect Someone Is A Bad Person

Sep 20th, 2019

These dogs seem to be much smarter than we think.

It has always been opined that dogs have an excellent way of judging character. If a dog meets someone new and doesn’t get a proper reaction, we tend to become suspicious of these people. Some people won’t even date people that their dogs don’t get along with.

Is that taking things too far? Well, it actually depends.

Although the debate is on concerning whether this is wrong or right, it is pretty clear that a lot of us put a lot of trust in the opinions of our pets and now, much to the happiness of a lot of pet owners, studies have confirmed that this might actually be a good idea.

It’s common knowledge that dogs follow pointing gestures.

If someone points at seething, dogs know that the person is trying to direct them to whatever is being pointed at. They’re just that smart.

However, a distinct study decided to factor in a new parameter- the reliability of the human.

“Dogs are known to consistently follow human pointing gestures. In this study, we asked whether dogs ‘automatically’ do this or whether they flexibly adjust their behavior depending upon the reliability of the pointer, demonstrated in an immediately preceding event.” the study abstract reads.

Essentially, they wanted to ascertain whether a dog will change its behavior based on whether they can trust the person or not. The researchers tested severally, making the person pint at wither an empty container or one that had a treat. In both cases, the pointing led to the dog running towards the container.

What they discovered is that if a person consistently directed the dog to an empty container, the dog will eventually grow to distrust the person and quit listening. However, they would maintain trust in the person pointing them to the container with a treat.

The conclusion of the study was that dogs actually can make accurate inferences about a person’s reliability and make necessary behavioral modifications.

Another study completed showed that dogs can also tell when someone is being rude to another person.

In the study, a dog owner asked one of two researchers to help open a jar. One researcher will offer help, while the other when asked, would straight up the decline. The dog could see the interaction. Then, the two researchers would go on to offer the dog a treat.

They discovered that the dog was more prone to accept the treat from the researcher who helped its owner and deny the other one.

This means that apart from telling if a person is untrustworthy, dogs can also show a proper understanding of human social norms and will avoid people who don’t treat their owners well.

It has even been proven that dogs have the ability to differentiate between angry and happy faces, although their ability to understand the difference hasn’t been explored yet. Still, we’ll be willing to bet that they actually can. Throughout human history, dog and humans have always had a special bond.

The more you look into these studies, the more you see that dogs are actually very perceptive. They know how to pick social cues and understand human gestures.

So, when people say that dogs are proper judges of character, there might be something t that statement after all.

In fact, trusting their opinions might be a proper strategy. At least, the next time your pet barks at someone, stop to consider if it’s seeing something that you don’t.