Stray Dog Used To Living In The Dump Is Finally Given A Second Chance To A Better Life

Feb 22nd, 2021

Stray Dog Used To Living In The Dump Is Finally Given A Second Chance To A Better Life

Homelessness is not only a problem with humans. These days, there are as many homeless animals as there are with humans. And one of them is a dog named “Alex.”

You see, Alex is used to being a stray his whole life. He is always spotted at the Groendal dump. He is sick and has always been covered in scabs. He was never used to be around humans who care for him. That’s why some are wondering if he ever experienced in his life being loved and cared for by someone who considers him as family.

Luckily, Sidewalk Specials stepped in to change his life for the better. The group made sure that they get Alex out of that dumpster and be given a second chance at a better life. So this is when his rescue journey began.

For sure it was not easy to lure him to safety. He is used to people walking by past him and he would always hide from anyone who would approach him. And when Sidewalk Specials was finally able to rescue him, they realized that he was in a very bad state. Alex was covered in mange, he has tick bites, eye injuries, and he is suffering from severe anemia.

But he has nothing that Sidewalk Specials has never treated before. They know that it wouldn’t be long until he went on to find his loving forever family.

Sidewalk Specials shared Alex’s transformation journey on their YouTube channel. And people can’t believe how much he has changed from the time that he was rescued to now that he is living with a mini human and a furry friend named Bodie.

People online can’t help but comment on the dogs’ amazing transformation. One of them wrote: “Wow, just wow. . So happy for him … to know that he has found love and joy. Live a long and happy life, sweet boy. . .

. God bless you, Rachel, and all the people involved, who made this possible. It makes me happy to contribute what I can to Sidewalk Specials…” Another person wrote: “Wow. Unbelievable turnaround. Thank you thank you. God bless you and all your sponsors. ”

According to Sidewalks Specials’ website:

“We rescue dogs from abusive situations and off euthanasia lists…. We have no shelter. You know how Uber has no cars. Air B&B has no hotels. We use YOUR homes as our shelter. 100% foster-based rescue: meaning no overheads, no stressed-out shelter dogs, we know our rescues personally and can match them to the right home….

We run sterilisation drives. There are too many to save- far, far too many. Stopping them being born into abuse and neglect is the solution. Sterilize your pets, sponsor a sterilization & don’t even think of supporting breeders. ”

The site adds, “We are a South African NPC 316326/08, PBO 930059565, UK CIC 9957429 based in Cape Town, South Africa…. We have every intention of changing the world!”

It cannot be denied that Alex looks nothing like the dog Sidewalk Specials have found at the dump. His transformation is remarkable and inspiring. He gives us hope that the other stray dogs that we find in the streets that seem hopeless can still be changed if given the proper care and love.