Sister Happy For Autistic Twin Brother Crowned Homecoming King, Then Her Name Is Called.

Jun 22nd, 2022

Sister Happy For Autistic Twin Brother Crowned Homecoming King, Then Her Name Is Called.

Homecoming games and the Homecoming dance are two of the most awaited events in highschool. You will then have to choose your Homecoming Queen and a Homecoming King which is definitely exciting.

For a high school in North Dakota, they chose the Homecoming King and Queen in the most heartwarming way.

Two of the students who were waiting for the announcements of who will be crowned are twins Riley and his sister, Ellie. Although Ellie is a popular student especially among her peers, it’s Riley that most people usually recognize and remember. Simply because he has a very happy disposition. He has this infectious personality.

Riley is special. You see, he has Autism. But that doesn’t stop him from being friendly to everybody. He always has a huge smile on his face. Also, he’s one of the biggest supporters of the highschool sports teams.

In an interview with Ellie following this memorable experience, she explained that she and her brother have always been close to each other. And knowing her brothers’ limitations, she has always been protective of him. But with Riley’s personality, it seems like he doesn’t really need much help. He can surely take care of himself despite his condition.

Those who know Riley since he was little can say that he has always been a happy baby. And that happy disposition is always infectious. And because of his undying support for his peers and how he respects others at school, this earned him a huge amount of respect.

Yes, Riley might struggle in some aspects due to his autism, but he excels in others. Ellie even says that Riley has his ways of teaching others about acceptance. She also believes that her twin brother has been an instrument for teaching others to see beyond the differences.

These are the amazing reasons why he deserved this huge accomplishment…

At a school football game in front of the entire team, as well as the family and friends who were present that day, Riley was crowned as his high school’s’ Homecoming King!

While the crown was placed on his head, he raised his hands but he wa speechless. It was obvious that he was beaming with joy. And of course, Ellie proudly watched him as he was crowned as theHomecoming King. She knows that he truly deserves this recognition. He could not help but shed happy tears as she watched her brother enjoying the moment.

This did not end here though. They were still going to crown the Homecoming Queen. And to Ellie’s surprise, following her brother’s crowning, she heard her name being called as the new Homecoming Queen!

Everyone was cheering not only for Riley, but also for Ellie. The video of this event was shared online and it was clear how Riley was very proud of his sister as she too is being crowned that day. You can tell that he’s her biggest fan. The twins stood side by side for a picture as they were being cheered as the new Homecoming King and Queen.

After sharing their story to a local news station, Riley proudly says, “She’s my sister” then he gives her a loving kiss on her cheek. They were surely both happy for each other. There is no doubt that this is a moment that neither of them will ever forget.