Simon Writes Off Nervous 6-Year-Old Before He Even Starts, Boy Quickly Makes Him Regret It

Aug 10th, 2018

British Got Talent had made it known that the talent show was for people of all ages, but the judges and audience were not quite prepared for six-year-old Oscar Donnelly. He came, performed and left with so much grace and confidence it was hard not to admire him.

When little Oscar first appeared on stage, he was welcomed with much adoration from the judges. One in particular thought that he was cute. The little boy greeted the judges confidently with so much enthusiasm they could not help but smile back at him.

After stating his name and home, he revealed that if he won, he would get himself a Bugatti. The crowd applauded the cheerful little dreamer as he got ready to start his performance. The little gentleman looked rather adorable in his tiny black high-heeled dancing shoes and a small black suit which was adorned with a splash of pink and precious jewels around his shoulders.

The music started playing and what followed astonished the crowd. Oscar began his performance with his usual pose and proceeded to treat everyone to one of the finest Irish dancing routines ever seen. He must have been accustomed to the high heeled shoes because he danced very gracefully in them, never once tripping or falling.

The little Irish dancer displayed some serious moves as he leaped, twirled and stamped all over the auditorium’s stage. The crowd could not help but clap along as he made leaps so high that the judges could not help but stare in awe. He maintained his balance perfectly with his arms held behind him throughout the performance. It was clear to everyone that he was very skilled in this particular routine.

The performance ended just as Oscar finished his dance. He dramatically lifted his arms for the final effect, and the crowd rose to give him a standing ovation. The little guy had outdone himself. The judges who were now smiling at his raw talent clapped for him, showing their appreciation for the young talent.

Oscar has been dancing since he was three years old. Over time, he has managed to perfect his Irish dance routine over hours and hours of strictly disciplined practice. The young chap has participated in quite a number of dance competitions all over Scotland, Ireland, and other countries. He has also appeared on shows such as Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots where he left both host and audience in sheer astonishment.

The young dancer was born in New Stevenson, Scotland. His parents noticed that he liked dancing and did not hesitate to help him grow his talent. He has been trained in Irish dancing and has quickly become one of the best dancers of this particular type of dance. Oscar has even earned himself the nickname ‘Wee Mick’ after the legendary Irish dancer Michael Flatley.

As the name suggests, the Irish dance originated from Ireland. It has developed over the centuries to more complex solo and group routines that have mainly been influenced by modern cultures and foreign traditions. The dance is still practiced today for performance, social and competitive purposes.

The most common of the Irish dancing is the step dance, which involves thorough mastery of delicate footwork. This is where little Oscar has based his excellent talent and managed to become of the best at his tender age.