Sean Hannity Thinks Cameras Stopped Recording, Gets Caught

Apr 6th, 2021

It is normal to have unexpected bloopers while at work. But for those working for live television, these mistakes are usually caught on camera. Unfortunately for Sean Hannity, he was not aware that the live camera was still rolling.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, 59, failed to realize that television cameras were back on after a commercial. The cameras caught him vaping on live TV! The prime-time political commentator was caught off guard as the show came back from a commercial.

In this viral clip, Hannity can be seen staring down reading something as he puffed away on his vape and let out a plume of mist.

One person on set seemed to have gotten his attention. And when he finally realized several seconds after, he quickly tossed his vape and looked around anxiously. He said, “uh-oh”.

Hannity concluded his segment and then went to turn over his spot to Laura Ingraham. She then poked fun at her colleague by pretending she was also caught off guard. She posed with a water glass in her hand, as she was teasing him. Laura even called his reaction “cute. ” Then she said: “Oh wait, am I on camera right now.

It happens to the best of us, Hannity. ” She continued, “I mean, those little moments are cute. Those are in the forever reel of the real Hannity. We wanna know you. ”

Before signing off, Hannity jokingly said: “Enjoy it, everybody, at my expense.” He added, “I have a good sense of humor. I can take it.”

This hilarious moment was shared on Twitter by Media Matters. The group monitors information through right-wing organizations like Fox News. And as expected, it quickly went viral with one clip gaining over 650,000 views on Twitter. There is no doubt that the viewers accepted Hannity’s news blooper. But of course, this was received with mixed reactions.

One Twitter user wrote: “Sean Hannity sucking on his juul like it’s a 1870’s pipe.” While another said, “Further proof that no one looks cool vaping.” And another person wrote: “Here’s forty seconds you’ll never get back.”

Another media writer commented saying: “He vapes?”

Curtis Houck tweeted: “OMG Hannity just had his Gutfeld/peeing moment – he lost track of time during the last break so he was still wearing his glasses and smoking a Juul. (Sorry for the jump cut at the 0:10 second mark during “Villain of the Day” — Snapstream recordings were switching to Ingraham)”

Fact-checking site, ruled reports that Hannity was caught vaping on Thursday “True.” But it seems like this is not the first time Hannity has been spotted taking a vape break on air. Back in 2017, a video circulated on Twitter showing him smoking from a cigarette-look alike and taking a sip of water. This was probably during a moment when viewers at home could not see him.

But according to Mashable, Hannity responded to that viral clip that was since deleted claiming, “Lol. It’s NOT real. NJoy has advertised on my radio show. I don’t smoke cigars anymore.”

There are plenty of news bloopers being shared online. And for sure, this is one of those that will remain on the top list of live television bloopers.