School Votes To Bring Back Paddling For Kids That Misbehave

Jun 10th, 2021

Every parent wants their child to learn the importance of discipline at school. Teachers are expecting their students to behave because this is already taught at home.

This has always been an issue inside the classroom. We have to admit, some kids are more disciplined than the others. This is why a Texas public school district had enough of these misbehaving kids. It seems like the normal discipline strategy just won’t work with these children anymore. They do not respond to detention or suspension.

This is why the school district officials decided to take the corporal punishment route – bring back paddling!

These students who get way out of hand are going to receiving this punishment. You might think that parents would react negatively to this, or disagree for this kind of punishment to be implemented. Instead, the parents had the opposite reaction.

We know that decades ago, teachers and principals can discipline their students through back paddling when they misbehave. This punishment is not meant for those who forgot their homework, or those who did not use the hallway pass. This punishment is for students who are purposely doing bad things or bullying others, or maybe they are acting out while inside the classroom, with their teacher in front of them.

Other schools are not agreeing to this type of punishment. Some of them believe that there are other forms of discipline that can teach these kids a lesson for their wrongdoings before they should resort to paddling. Some parents worry that their kids will have the fear of going to school because of this punishment, or maybe paddling can get out of hand and end up for their child to be injured.

The Three Rivers Independent School District asked parents to sign up if they want their kids to be paddled. They can choose whether they can opt in or out with paddling. This needs to be done both in written and verbal consent to avoid any complaints in the future. And most parents support this decision.

The Texas Classroom Teacher Association defines this corporal punishment as:

“Deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline.”

In fact, parents who use pain as a form of discipline are the ones who sign up their kids to this corporal punishment at school. They believe that consistency would teach their kids not only to behave at school but also at home.

What these parents are agreeing to is for their kids to receive one paddling for any infraction or when they misbehave at school. But the teacher’s association states that if the parent is not comfortable with it, their kid will be removed from the list, no questions asked.

For so many years, paddling children as a form of discipline has always been a heated topic for debate. But 27 school districts are now using this form of discipline at their discretion.

John B. King Jr, the secretary of education has issued letters to schools to ask them to ban corporal punishment. He wrote:

“Approximately 40,000 — or more than one-third — of those students who were subjected to corporal punishment are black; black students, by comparison, make up only 16 percent of the total public-school student population. Similarly, in states where students were subjected to corporal punishment, black boys were 1. 8 times as likely as white boys to be subject to corporal punishment, and black girls were 2.

9 times as likely as white girls to be subject to corporal punishment. ”

The schools who continue to use back paddling as a form of punishment and discipline promises that there will be no discrimination or prejudice involved. That their punishment works in helping these kids remember that they should stay well-behaved while at school.