School resource officers help fix homeless student’s van he lives in

Two kind officers from La Vergne helped a high school student who didn’t have a home fix his van. This van wasn’t just a car for him; it was where he lived.

Officers Cody Didier and Jeremy Gregory from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office found out a 17-year-old student was living in his broken van. They didn’t just stand by; they helped him get the parts needed for the van and fixed it up for him. They even filled the van with gas so he could drive around.

Back in January, someone who helps students at the high school found out the student had no place to live. They managed to find a shelter for him, but his van was broken, so he couldn’t go there.

That’s when Officers Didier and Gregory decided to step in and help him fix his van.

Sgt. John Acton, who works with the school officers, said what Didier and Gregory did shows exactly what it means to be a helpful officer at their school.