School To Bring Back Home Economics After Seeing Most Students Lack Basic Life Skills

Jun 29th, 2020

For most students, going to school means that they have to do good to get good grades. If they have good grades and finish with flying colors in college, they can get better jobs.

However, a lot of educators noticed that students are becoming more and more lacking in their basic life skills. And they believe that what is missing in the school curriculum are the courses that will focus more on economics and budgeting. Kids these days are more trained in reading, writing, and arithmetic. But do they know what life skills are they lacking?

This is why they are hoping that home economics will be brought back to school. They believe that Home Economics subjects can help children of this generation learn more about basic life skills that can help them along the way.

Budgeting, for example, is not all about the economy or business management. Budgeting should also be part of it. Although they are also taught and incorporated in some subjects, educators believe that there should be a separate subject for that. If you have noticed, students are more interested in learning how to make money.

However, they are not being taught how to budget properly. Talking about money will not bore these students if taught in a fun and exciting way. Especially for younger children, topics like these should be taught in a way that can attract their attention.

It is not a secret that children, even the younger ones, have the capability to learn and read about history and math. So there is no doubt that they too can understand basic economic theories. But this learning pattern should be changed as early as their elementary years and should continue in middle school, high school, and throughout college.

So why are these not taught in these school levels?

You have to be aware that even in college, your kids are not really taught with solid basic economics education. That is because when a student reaches college, they would go on to learn about their specific field of study. Those who major in business will have the opportunity to learn about this subject.

But those who choose to follow a different path will not have the chance to learn these basic life skills. For example, when a student decides to pursue psychology in college, they would not be taught about the basic economic principles, unlike those taking a business major.

But you have to remember that in life, understanding how finances work is extremely important. If you do not know the basics of managing your salary, then you can consider yourself financially illiterate. So no matter how good you are at other things and you are not aware of basic economics and budgeting, that can cause you more problems later on in life.

That is why educators believe that budgeting and other home economics subjects should be taught as early as in the elementary years. This way, young minds will be molded in a way that can help them learn about basic life skills that can be very helpful for them as they get older.

So what is your opinion about adding back home economics to school curriculums? Do you think this can be helpful to the kids of this generation?