School Accidentally Kills 12-Year-Old Student

Sep 20th, 2019

Unlike before, asthma attacks can now be controlled, thanks to asthma inhalers. This is the first-aid that everyone who has asthma needs which is why all who have asthma are adviced to always have their inhalers with them. But this is becoming a problem for kids at school.

There are schools who ban students from bringing asthma inhalers. Some who do, their inhalers are confiscated by the teachers or school principal. Because of this, a young boy died from a severe asthma attack.

12-year-old Ryan Gibbons passed away after he suffered from a severe asthma attack during recess at school. This tragic accident happened at Elgin County School located in Straffordville, Ontario, Canada. Everyone knew that if he only had his asthma inhaler with his, he would still be alive because he could have easily reached for his prescription inhaler inside his pocket because he would always carry it with him.

However, his school took it from him and locked it inside the principal’s office.

While Ryan was gasping for air, his friends helped him up and carried him to the office to get his inhaler. But they were too late… They were not able to get to the principal’s office fast enough. Ryan passed out even before he is within arms-reach with his life-saving inhaler.

Sadly, Ryan never recovered.

Because of what happened, his mom, Sarah Gibbons, is leading a campaign for the schools to change their policies about the much-needed inhalers. She wants for the lawmakers to pass a bill dubbed as “Ryan’s Law.” This is to honor her son’s memory. The proposed law would authorize the kids to bring their prescription inhalers with them whether in a pocket or in their backpack as long as they have the doctor’s prescription.

According to this grieving mom, her son was always bringing a spare inhaler to school. She worried that he would have asthma attacks and he could not get to the principal’s office in time. However, every time he brings a spare, the school officials would take it away from him. Sarah shared that she received multiple phone calls from the school regarding Ryan who is taking his inhaler to school.

Or sometimes they find it inside his bad. The school would ask her to pick it up because he was not allowed to bring them to school in the first place.

During her interview with CBC, she said, “There’s supposed to be one in the office and that’s the only one he can have. I didn’t understand why.”

In the United States, all of the 50 states already passed laws that permit children to carry their inhalers to school. However, there are still some American schools who do not allow it. Why.

That is because according to an expert, there are schools who are afraid that they would be held liable if a student incorrectly uses his or her inhaler. Or maybe some other kid would use it and can cause a potential problem.

Maureen George, a nursing professor at the University of Pennsylvania shared that these reasons are understandable. But think about why a school would allow a child to exercise without having easy access to their inhaler? What if the nurse is not available? She also explained that there are schools who would ban inhalers because of the anti-drug policy.