This Rare Dingo Pup Literally Fell Out of the Sky

Jul 31st, 2020

Purebred Dingo Pup Drops From The Skies Into A Strangers Backyard Turns Out To Be An Endangered Breed!

A small pup was discovered in August at Wandiligong, near Bright. According to the residents, they believe that this pup was dropped by an eagle. During that time, the residents thought that the animal is either a fox or a dog. After taking care of the animal for 24 hours, the pup was taken into the Alpine Animal Hospital.

Veterinarian Dr. Bec Day said, “He was a puppy when he was brought to us, so about eight to ten weeks old. ” The doctor also explained that the pup had a mark on his back from what they believe was from an eagle’s claws.

Also, there were no other pups nearby. The residents also haven’t heard anything that is calling out for the pup so he became a lonely little soul in the backyard.

One of the residents said, “He was adorable, serious puppy cuteness. No fear of people at all. He was quite calm about the whole process.”

The hospital then did a DNA testing on “Wandi” in order to determine his breed. The pooch was then moved to the Australian Foundation’s sanctuary while they were still waiting for the results. This sanctuary is located at the foothills of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria and they breed pure dingoes. Dr. Day said, “It is just incredible.

The DNA testing takes a couple of weeks, so we’ve just had to tread water. He was introduced to the sanctuary during that time. And now that the results are back, he can be used as part of their breeding program. ”

The sanctuary is going to be Wandi’s new home. The sanctuary is focused on preserving and conserving the gene pool of the original dingo. And Wandi fits right in!

The director of the Australian Dingo Foundation, Lyn Watson, said, “Wandi has a little playmate his same age because he has been born at the perfectly right time for dingos in winter. He has tamed quite nicely. Whilst he is wild and always will be, he has become quite happy here and he likes the people that are caring for him.

” She added, “He is just amazing to watch. We are really excited to have him — not only to observe the way he develops but also how he behaves right next door to the dingos that are bred here. ”

Lyn Watson said that in Australia, there are three types of Dingos – the tropical Dingoes from Kimberley and Pilbara areas, the inland dingoes from the deserts and central parts of the country, and also Wandi’s type that are alpine dingoes. The alpine dingoes are what the sanctuary is most concerned about.

Watson said, “This type, the alpine dingo, unfortunately, shares the eastern seaboard areas … where 80 percent of the Australian population lives. So not only is the habitat of the alpine dingo dwindling to nothing but our persecution of this animal — because it sadly looks like a dog — has pushed this beautiful alpine dingo very close to extinction.”

The foundation is doing its best to determine how to make sure that the extinction of the Alpine Dingoes does not happen. They made the zoological recognition of the Australian dingo as a species of its own. They call this the Canis dingo. Wandi is going to be very valuable because he has all the features that they need before they breed.