Rare Baby Animal Becomes An Internet Sensation After Its Mom Abandoned Him

Jul 11th, 2019

Each of us has differences among us but we understand why. However, it is different for animals. When they noticed something unique with their babies, their reaction would be to reject it thinking that it is sick and might affect the other babies. A piebald fawn with strikingly beautiful features was saved after its mother rejected it after birth.

This fawn has beautiful bluish eyes and an unusual white face and its mom chose to reject him, almost stomping him to death!

Fortunately, this baby fawn was lucky because it was born at Deer Tracks Junction. This is a wildlife sanctuary and a petting zoo located in Cedar Springs, Michigan just north of Grand Rapids. The fawns’ difference will be celebrated and it will never be rejected. They never knew that the fawn would become an instant celebrity and attraction at the park. He also attracted international interest!

Hillary Powell who is the owner of the farm became the fawns’ surrogate mother when Bunny, his real mom rejected him. She nursed the fawn back to health through a bottle four times a day. Her entire family made sure that the fawn receives extra care and attention to help him recover from his health conditions which are accompanied by the piebald genetic trait.

Deer who are born piebald will normally have hearing and vision problems and will also have complications and certain infections. Hillary’s son named him “Dragon” because he wanted the fawn to have a fierce ‘manly’ name. If the fawn would luckily survive, he will have cute pink antlers which will make him stand out even more.

Dragon will not have a great chance of survival since he would not be able to successfully hide from possible predators.

Even though the family tried their best to care for Dragon, he continued to suffer from his health conditions. He even had to be treated at the farm’s intensive care unit on different occasions. He also struggled with a very weak immune system most of his life. The family made sure to update Dragons’ fans about his condition. One of their updates says:

“It has been another rough patch for our Dragon, but thankfully we have pulled through again! He is out of the farm ICU and will be welcoming visitors on the tour for the rest of the year, good Lord willing 🙂 And look how handsome he is with his thick winter coat.”

The family just shared the sad news that Dragon sadly passed away a few days before his first birthday. He would be greatly missed not only by them but by everyone who got to know this white-faced beautiful fawn. Their online post wrote: “Well, sadly, this is an update that I never wanted to have to make 🙁 Despite all medical intervention available, we lost our little Dragon.

It has been a tough time here, and he will be greatly missed by all. ”

Even though Dragon is already in heaven, the Deer Tracks Junction still continues to attract visitors at their 100-acre ranch and they offer their guests wildlife safari tours and also different activities both for kids and adults. Dragon will always be remembered and he will have a special place in their hearts as their special fawn.